Thursday, January 06, 2011

Koen's 2nd Year Slideshow

For their first year, I always make a scrapbook for them and then Gary makes a video/photo slideshow to be shown on their birthday. However, I'm trying to figure out best how to document their lives (besides blogging...something that they will have when they grow up). I print up a book each year but am now wondering if I should print one for each of them? Growing up, my parents always made sure we had our own photo albums that were packed full of photos:)

Anyway, this is just a slideshow of pictures from his second year of really don't need to watch it as it is 9 minutes long and you've probably seen all of the pictures before. Next year I will cut it down to 5 minutes:) I will say that all the pictures of the two boys together makes me teary eyed. Especially when Kai reads to Koen. Yes, I am a baby.
PS The pictures of the two homes are the ones that my family members moved away from this summer and he'll probably never remember them otherwise. I would never include house numbers normally:)
PPS When we showed this to Koen, he watched it 4 times in a row. He LOVES pictures:)
PS How do YOU document your life/kids lives?


  1. That was beautiful! You guys are such talented photographers and every single picture is gorgeous!! Your boys will love these when they are older. Happy belated birthday Koen!

    ps. i teared up with your boys holding hands walking in the park... and Kai resting on Koen's shoulder... and I don't even know your boys! But then, I cry in commercials so I'm a big softy.

  2. Loved it! What a great idea.