Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Happy first day of 2011! We went and got hot chocolate with the boys last night and then when they went to bed we had dessert, drinks, and watched Inception. Totally wished we could've had friends year I guess! My baby turns 2 tomorrow and he slept (aka ran wildly around his room until 9pm) in his toddler bed last night. Just some photos from our day...
(The usual `round here. Koen trying to start a pillow `sight' (fight), Kai playing Tranformers in his corner. Daddy watching football.)
(We went to Derby Reach this morning. It was cold but beautiful!)
(Kai ended up covered in mud head to toe by the time we were done)

(My new gloves...they have spots for just your thumbs and pointer fingers to stick out which is perfect for taking photos in the cold! They are fancy lululemon gloves that I bought in Whistler.)

Have a wonderful day and check back tomorrow to see what cupcakes I made for Koen's birthday (even though his party is now a week away, I still made cupcakes:)!

Love, Louise


  1. Gorgeous photos of your outing today. Neat gloves!

  2. LOVE those gloves!!! i have the basic black one-size-fits-all little gloves for taking pictures, but they're not always warm enough - those look great!
    beautiful day for derby reach :)
    happy new year!

  3. Those are some cool gloves! Lululemon is so creative for stuff like that!