Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Go Kai Go!

Kai had his first skating lesson today. I am so glad that for two things:
1. That we took him last week so he was familiar with the rink and how difficult skating can actually be.
2. That we bought a helmet with a cage (great idea, Terri!!). I feel like he would've knocked out every tooth today.

I was nervous all day. I didn't let him know. He wasn't loving skating after we went last time but we talked about how he wasn't good at riding his bike at first, and then he got better. How he couldn't dress himself, but with some practice, he's now an expert. I talked about how I didn't love skating lessons but I was so thankful I had them because now I can skate. Kai is very good about talking through things and I know what works well with him.

The lesson was good. Phew! They all started on chairs and then the teacher had them get on their knees and practice standing up. Hilarious! Sort of, also a bit sad. They all looked like fish out of water. I can't imagine teaching that class! Basically 3 of the kids got up right away and the rest seriously flailed around. I wish I had it on video. Twelve kids flailing all over the ice. Kai tried getting up once or twice and then just stayed on his knees until a teacher helped him up.

Then, they were allowed to use the chairs to try to move from one line to another. They were kind of teaching them to take steps instead of pushing and Kai seriously moved his feet back and forth 100 times and moved 1 inch. He didn't lift his feet off the ice:) I wish they had given him a little tip....I can't even imagine the calories he was burning! I wanted to yell `lift your feet' or `push!' but I'm guessing that wouldn't be cool.

I saw him fall a lot. And often he would look towards me in the bleachers and I gave him the thumbs up and cheered him on (I know, I'm so dorky and I knew it) and he kept trying over and over. I was so proud of him for not giving up. He didn't move far and he collided with a million kids but he didn't give up.

Afterwards he said he didn't like skating at all but I said there are only 9 more lessons and he was okay with that. I asked him what his favourite part was and he said, `Smashing chairs into other peoples chairs'. I don't think he was doing it purposely but I'm glad he found some fun in it:)
And to finish the day off...look who got the listening award today! This is the major thing we are stressing with him as he may have had to be removed from circle time before Christmas. He was removed for not listening and being silly with a friend. This was my largest frustration as a teacher so Kai will definitely get a reminder or two about this over his academic career:)

Goodnight from the proud momma of a Kai Bear.


  1. Glad the lessons went alright. Skating lessons were NOT my boys favourite lessons, but they all went through a beginning level as we kept saying that every Canadian child should have some skating skills! I think they inherited their lack of skating ability from me. (I like the idea of it, but it just kills my feet and ankles!!)

  2. wow - skating lessons. that's gotta be a tough one. so great that he kept at it though :) and surely over the next 9 lessons he'll get the hang of it and move more than an inch :)

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    if he eventually does enjoy skating, and moves onto hockey, you'll be the best hockey mom ever!


  4. whoo hoo! way to go kai on the skating AND the listening:) good job never giving up, even when its tough. what a sport!

  5. Go Kai! And I`m glad I could be of help with the helmet :)