Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oil of Oregano

Please give me your best tips for fighting a cold! Kokies has had a cold since the beginning of December. I think they have been three separate ones. The antibiotics might have helped with the first infection but I'm not putting him back on those again, especially since I think this one is viral (clear mucus). I'm going to get some Oil of Oregano today and see if that works. He is just super, super, super stuffed up. I've been wiping his nose all day long, for about 8 weeks (minus the two days he was healthy). I am so incredibly thankful that they haven't turned into ear infections, I think the chiropractor really helped him last year.
{big flakes this morning!}
The other day I said to Koen, `Another boogie? How many boogies do you have?' Koen said, `Nine boogies':) When I saw the big mess he made in the living room I said, `Who made this mess?' and Koen said, `Ellen (Degeneres) did it.'.
Kai had skating yesterday and even managed to skate (walk) backwards. When he got off the ice he said, `Mommy, could you believe your eyes?'. He did so well again and probably only fell five times this week...mostly because he is determined to be the fastest in his class which makes me laugh:) Gary was able to make it to his lesson again this week so that was awesome. Gary is usually gone at least 4 nights a week so I'm glad that the last two weeks it's been Wednesday nights that he's been home!
Reminder: tips on how to help a kid fight a cold!!!
Love, Louise


  1. sadly, i have no cold-fighting tips. i strongly dislike oregano oil simply for the smell. ok, the taste is pretty awful too! some people swear by it - i'd rather suffer without it (for real!)
    cute Koen expressions :)
    i can't believe there was that much snow today! we just got rain (and i'm kinda ok with it)

  2. Kelly-he just chugged back the three drops in a sippy cup of juice (he never gets juice). I dislike the smell too!

  3. maybe try saline drops in his nose? I used them when I had a cold and it was AMAZING the difference. I could actually breathe. I haven't tried on any of my boys since they were babies. You'd need Gary to help you get them in. I find the drops work way better than spray. Since it's saline you don't have to worry about using too much.

  4. Rachel-good call! I used to put them in his nose when he was a little baby, I'm sure i still have some!

  5. even if you only have the spray, you can just drip it in as a ... drip. :)

  6. I wonder if he has some food sensitivities that are causing the prolonged stuffiness? You could try taking him off of all milk products or take him to a naturopath for some suggestions.

  7. Louise- I've got a few friends who have found Oil of Oregano to be nearly miraculous with colds. And, one has diverticulitis and it works FAR better and faster than antibiotics to control flareups. I'm contemplating trying it to see if it makes a difference for Crohns. The product they use is from Hyssop Health- I don't know the difference b/w all the O of O products out there though. When they're sicker, they actually drink a portion of the bottle mixed into orange juice, apple juice, etc.

  8. Anonymous5:28 AM

    eucalyptus in his room (you could drop some oil on a cloth or put it in a bowl with boiling water for the night)

    common-salt-drops/saline (NaCi)

    and if you're into globules:
    gelsemium comp.

    maybe that helps a little?

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