Monday, January 17, 2011

11 in 2011

My friends, Terri and Lana, have recently blogged about their goals for the year. I have decided to jump on board. I find that blogging really helps to keep me accountable. These may not be exciting, but, they are some of my goals for the year. Please note that they are not in any particular order.

1. Volunteer for `Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep'. I am completely nervous about it (if they'll accept me) but I know it is such a good cause. It is an organization that offers `remembrance photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby...'. My main concern is that I am such an emotional person that I have no idea how I would keep it together. However, I know that these pictures will be cherished. I have done photos before for those that have terminal cancer (because I know how much I would've loved even more photos with my mom) but the idea of a baby breaks my heart.

2. Also in the photography realm; increase the cultural diversity of my photography. I was recently able to attend an Indian bridal shower and it was awesome. I would love to do a henna ceremony or something of that nature. Gorgeous colours and experiences.

3. Read at least one good book per month.

4. Fall asleep by 11pm most nights. I know this is a weird one but for 1.5 years, my regular time to fall asleep is 1am. This is not healthy and it is totally due to my thyroid. I generally go to bed around 11:30pm and it takes me 1.5 hours to fall asleep. I recently started taking melatonin and for two nights in a row, I fell asleep by 11pm. I don't know if it's `okay' to use it but I need to figure out how I can get more rested.

5. Run. I'm not quite sure what I want to say here. If I say `Run 5km's', I know I can do it. If I say `Run 10km's', I doubt I will do it. So, I will leave it there that I need to run 5-10km:)

6. Play football. I love it. We took last season off and I miss it.

7. Use my breadmaker at least once/week. I've been using it every other day but I'm sure that will slow down soon.

8. Get away overnight with Gary at least once this year.

9. Have a professional photo session with Gary for our anniversary (it's booked and we are doing it and I'm soooooooo excited!!!). We're just doing it with the two of us!

10. Go camping with the boys this summer. In the tent. Survive. (It's Koen that makes the nights so difficult as he will stay up for forever).

11. Really, really try to stick to my limits for photography in regards to number of bookings. I love it. I have a hard time saying no. However, my number 1 passion and priority is my family. I want photography to stay fun. I want so make sure that we have fun family adventures every week.

That's it! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. Great goals Louise! We WILL play football :)

  2. I LOVE NILMD... I had a friend who was able to use them once and those pictures are SO important. It's a Fabulous thing to volunteer for!

  3. I have friends who had pictures taken through "Now I lay me down to sleep." I'm with you - I would be an emotional wreck but I do know that they cherish those pictures SO much!
    Secondly, there are those who would disagree but for the most part, melatonin is thought to be totally safe. It is a natural hormone in our bodies already. My boyfriend's dad is a doctor, and he takes it every night. I've read that it's best to give it a break every now and then but he assures me that it's perfectly safe to take as often as needed.

  4. #1. I have thought about doing this when my skills are more firmly established. it's something people don't think of doing but is SO precious at a time like that.
    #3. I want to get back into reading. i read a lot as a kid/teenager but not much as a mom.
    #8. i really agree with this one and hope to add it to my list too :)
    #9. curious to know who someone of your photographic caliber would choose to do your photos!
    #10. i hope Koen makes it easier on you than you anticipate :)

  5. Love this list, Louise! I know what you mean about setting a running goal, I struggled with that goal too. I am also so glad to see someone else setting a football goal because the more football goal setters we have, the more likely we are to actually play. :-)

  6. funny you mentioned expanding the cultures you encompass in your photos...i just referred you the other day to a sikh girl from work for a family session... she's still undecided as to whether or not she'll do family photos but she loved the ones of my fam infront of the barn on my facebook and asked who took them!