Friday, January 28, 2011

The Hardest Week

Every year, I find this week a bit tougher than most. The reason? Gary has had basketball for 2 months now and the past two weeks were pretty much every day. It just means that he can go 3 days without seeing Koen (and I'm doing a whole lot of dinners/bed times on my own). Then, this week? Basketball, winter campout and then a staff retreat. And that's just his schedule. Koen just says, `Daddy basketball practice.' `Miss daddy'. Oh well, we always get him back in March:) It's a lot better than 2 years ago when Gary had this schedule, plus Koen was a 3 week old baby, and we all were sick!

Well, we made it. I was not a very fun mom but we went to go to my sister's house twice so the kids have fun playing:) I even got a run in there while the kids played.
{They wanted their hair spiked. Kai spiked his with deodorant and mascara. I added some gel to fix it up a bit.}
I'm half way through the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy and hopefully a good four hours tonight will allow me to finish it:) As long as I finish some work first...
My goal this year is to work on my newborn studio photos. Well, it's just too stressful managing both boys down there but I tried to get some updated photos of them anyway. I have a couple of studio sessions this weekend so hopefully I will be able to spend some great quality time with the little ones. I like ones that are more natural with mom and dad, but, I also LOVE some super posed ones and that is something that I haven't worked on before. We'll see:)
Kai is currently having `Space Day' at school. They had to wear their pj's, bring flashlights, blankets etc. He was so excited. He keeps spouting off facts about planets and I just have to assume they are correct because I don't know a ton about them and it's been years since I've taught it.
{Koen loves his hair straight up like this...he looks so funny to me:)}
I'll have to get video of Kai skating next week. It's really just fast walking but that is what they are supposed to do. He is very determined to be the fastest in his class and it's pretty funny to watch.
Koen is still sick but he sleeps really well at night. I think the Oil of Oregano is helping but man, that nose of his will not stop running. At least he's not grumpy. Well, he's only napping every 3rd day so he gets a little irrational in the evening:)
Kai has started a new stage in development. It's not telling the truth or being deceptive. Quite interesting since he is such a rule follower so we've never had to deal with it before. Nothing major but I'm glad that we have addressed it and hopefully he understands it.

Okay, must work so I can relax and read tonight:) Have a wonderful weekend!
Love, Louise

PS We started our adoption journey exactly one year ago! I wonder where we will be one year from now....


  1. the boys' hair looks SO cute! :) love it.
    how you handle that schedule...i don't know - i would be a brutal mom/wife by the end of it. glad you see light at the end of the tunnel though :)
    i hear you on the runny nose - Ezra's the same right now and we can't seem to teach him to blow; he just sniffs which lasts all of 3 seconds :)
    enjoy your photo sessions this weekend!

  2. deoderant and mascara? haha! they are so cute :)

  3. I can definitely relate on the solo parenting thing. Not fun is it? I suppose it can make us so much more thankful when they are home.
    I really cannot get over how big Koen is!! The pictures of the boys together are really gorgeous. Their hair, poses, everything. So so cute!!