Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Clarifying A Comment And Where Gary Came From

I just need to address something first. The thing about blogs is that it has so many purposes. For me, it's to document my kids lives, to vent, to educate about adoption, to share pictures, to get advice etc. Sometimes I don't say things the way I want to or mean to and it comes across the wrong way. I guess that's what happens sometimes when you are distracted or intonations are not available etc. ANYWAY, someone left a very valid comment on my post about weaknesses (yes, that post again!). I had said that with all this work for an adoption it's sometimes hard because if someone is able to have biological kids it could just take 2 people and 5 minutes. I know that in most cases, it takes way longer and for so many women, there is a life long struggle and journey with infertility. I know this. I feel so bad that more than the one commenter might have thought that I thought that pregnancy was such an easy thing to achieve. I know it's not. I have many friends who are unable to conceive. It took us a year to get pregnant with Koen (with some serious charting and Gary having this lovely sperm test). And I know that a year might not be that long. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I was just trying to share the other side. To anyone that has struggled with infertility, I cannot imagine the daily heartache you must go through.
Okay, needed to get that out before I went to bed!! No good segue here....

And now, for some pictures of the monkeys.
This totally brings me back to Kai helping Gary in the kitchen. Koen pulled up his little chair and put the potatoes in the pot. I love seeing the boys helping out in the kitchen and the garden. My big boys!!
The other day Kai was asking about how big my belly was when he was in it. Then he asked how big my belly was when Gary was in it. Wow. We conversed about it and he actually thought that Gary came from my belly. Very funny.
Goodbye to our green wall!!
We got a gift card to the Olive Garden so we took the boys. Ya. It was Koen's first time in a restaurant (well, besides Red Robins) and he was good for about 15 minutes:) Terrible picture but he puts on his `Cheese!!' face and at least looks happy. In the morning, he points to everything and tries to say it's name. Quite cute. The other day I was going a bit fast while driving and passed a police officer. I said `shoot' and for the rest of the drive Koen said, `Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!'. Glad that was all I said!

Kai was so pumped to get lemonade with his meal! Here he's diluting it by drinking one cup of water with one cup of lemonade:)
I did an engagement session in Coal Harbour tonight, looking forward to editing those ones in a few days. Really, I'm looking forward to our holidays!!! We booked off three weeks with zero photos of anyone besides ourselves:)
Bon nuit.
Love, Louise

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  1. I have to say; you look GREAT for having given birth to a 6'+ man! ;)