Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To Stay Or...

We love where we live. We love our house. However, we have recently been looking at a lot of open houses. We would love our house with a whole lot more room on the main floor (particularly the kitchen). We have to think about having the boys share a room when our baby comes home which will be very interesting (Koen is the lightest sleeper in the world). We have to think about whether we would send our kids to the school that Gary teaches at, should we move closer? The area that we live in is very pricey. Well, the whole lower mainland is crazy. We fell in love with some homes in Abbotsford but I think they are probably out of our price range and Gary probably wouldn't want an extra 20 minutes to his commute. Seriously though, those homes are GORGEOUS. I love super open concept homes. On a vineyard. Ya. I don't like wine but I do like the view!

We might just finish our basement which gives us an extra 700 square feet for a bedroom (when Kai is old enough), bathroom and playroom. It is currently our studio space. We are not renovators so it would be stressful. Anyone know a framer?!

So hard to know what to do and I really do not like moving. We love our neighbours. There are 3 boys the same age as Kai in the next two homes and they play together daily. I guess we are in no rush but I kind of like to know what `the plan' is. I'm thinking we'll stay here:)

Gary is currently painting the interior of our house. It's quite the process because the kids are running around all day and there's stuff in the way but slowly but surely it's getting done. It's not an exciting colour but it's a light grey/brown-ish colour that just freshens up our house (gets rid of all the dings etc). It was time for the green wall to go.

Okay, better head to bed. Koen is teething and it's not pretty. Last night he was screaming in pain so I went in there and tried to give him a bottle of water and he screamed at me `No!!!' and threw the bottle at me. Koen is generally a very gentle natured boy and this whole teething thing has brought out a new side. I really hope that all the teeth pop through before we go on holidays. Seriously, why must teething be painful?! Poor bubbs. And seriously, Kai is so sweet to his brother. He will share his cookie with him, get his blankie for him, and loves to just be with him. Warms my heart! Except when he gives him the `squishy hug'. When Kai gets mad at Koen, he doesn't know what to do so he hugs him super tight in frustration.

Okay, NOW I'm going to bed. Bon nuit.
Love, Louise


  1. yes, those are beautiful homes...our friends live just above those, so whenever we visit them, we get to see the progress on the homes :) abbotsford is pretty fantastic ;)
    teething: do you use orajel at all? i never did until Ezra started working on his molars and it works so great and i feel better about giving that to him than tylenol EVERY time i think he's teething. course, i've heard many people swear by Highlands teething tablets, but i've never tried those either.

  2. I think you should stay, ;) but you know that already.
    Trade a family photo session for someone to frame in your basement. Trading services for a small basement reno I think should be manageable.

  3. Pam Van Dop2:02 PM

    So... Nolan is a framer... he could give you some ideas and a price range. And you never know... Maria's idea of a family photo session for a framing job sounds really interesting.

    Teething: I swear by Highlands. Loved it with Lyra at least, we'll see if Logan has the same results. Just dissolved it in a T of water and rubbed it on her gums. She was fine with it, and it solved our problems.

  4. Abbotsford is close to Chilliwack:)