Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twin Islands Kayak Trip

Wanna hear about my trip? Thank you to Leah for being our photographer:) We have a rule in this house that we can't take our cameras on adventure type trips after an `incident' (our 20D rolling down a mountainside). So, it was kind of nice to be in front of the camera rather than behind it!
(Lynette, Lisa and I)
There were five of us that did an overnight kayaking trip. It was really fun and I think I will plan a different trip every year. We left on Monday and it was a one hour paddle from Deep Cove in North Vancouver to Twin Islands up Indian Arm.
(Here teenager dude was telling us about a couple of kayaks that had tipped the day before...thanks for sending us out feeling confident!)
The ocean was super calm and we found our islands no problemo!
We went in between the big and small islands because the tide was high enough. On the other side of that mountainside is Buntzen Lake, to get an understanding of where we were. It was a bit of a fiasco getting out of our kayaks and onto the dock, and then lifting our heavily loaded kayaks onto the dock, but we did it!
There was one other group camping on the other end of the island so we basically had the place to ourselves! I used to go to Twin Islands with my family for a picnic about once a year so it has a lot of great memories for me. Below is the view from our campsite.
We all slept in our 6 man tent no problemo. I loved just talking and hanging out in the tent, it totally reminded me of being 16 again:) I realized I'm too old to sleep without a proper mattress and a pillow. Not the best sleep of my life. Please do not note that the fly is on completely wrong. We didn't fix it.
We had a lovely dinner and then explored the entire island (it's not big, you can walk around it in half an hour). We went geocaching with no luck:( It was Leah and Lynette's first time so I really wish we could've found it for them! Then we went back to the campsite and had some dessert of cookies and hot chocolate. I think next time we'll bring some Bailey's for that hot chocolate!
Picture of Lynette and I in the exact same place where we had our photo taken in 1992! We have been best friends for a long time:) I realize now that I should not wear Gary's shirts out in public.
Thumbs up to Leah for making it to the top on a broken foot!
The next day we went around the small island (when it's low tide you can walk from one to the other). Lisa, Terri and I went swimming and it wasn't even that cold. I'm usually a chicken about that but it wasn't bad at all. Admittedly I was a bit of a chicken in regards to swimming out too far, all I could think about were the sharks:)
And a picture of all of us at the beautiful there hey? We saw a ton of sea stars and even more jellyfish. They were everywhere. Cool. Especially since three of us are biology teachers:)

After lunch, we packed up and went back to Deep Cove. It was a great trip for 24 hours and $60.00:) I'm so glad that we went! Thanks for coming, girls. To those that couldn't make it, wish you were there!

And now...we are packing madly for our trip to Drumheller. Have a wonderful evening.
Love, Louise


  1. Looks like so much fun! You should definately do a small trip like that every year:) Have fun on your vacation!!

  2. Coolio! What a fun time:)
    Hey, was that the mammoth Costco tent? We bought one, but it had a rip in it, but are thinking to get another... did it hold up ok?

  3. Frances, yes, it is the Costco tent and we've only used it twice but so far, it's been really good!

  4. Frances, yes, it is the Costco tent and we've only used it twice but so far, it's been really good!

  5. NICE! How fun! My dad & I used to take our kayaks up the arm to the falls! Fantastic trip!

  6. Super fun! Thanks for organizing Louise!

  7. wow! looks like an awesome trip! glad you had great weather :)

  8. looks soooooo fun! next year i'm in, but make it baby friendly, k?

  9. ah ha! I recognize this! did you do any geo-caching? We couldn't find it on Twin Islands

  10. Looks like you had a great time - I'm looking forward to weaning and being able to leave the kids for a night.. or two..:)

  11. OK, was it inappropriate to put the word 'weaning' in a comment? Oh no I did it again:)

  12. wow - looks like great fun! :)