Saturday, July 10, 2010

Date Night!

Gary and I went with a huge group of friends, from church, to see the BC Lions home opener game. Okay, so that game wasn't very good but the temporary stadium (Empire Stadium) was awesome and so was the company. The hot dog wasn't that bad either:) Such a great festive atmosphere there and so fun to be in the wide open fresh air!
We have had a pretty busy few months and just one more crazy week (amongst it two photo sessions and two weddings) and then....HOLIDAYS!!! Woohoo! The first trip is a kayaking trip with my girl friends, I'm totally looking forward to it. Then, it's off to Drumheller with the family. Cabins are booked. We are ready. I'm just really, really, REALLY hoping that the boys stay healthy for this trip. On our last trip to Green Lake, Koen spent the whole time vomiting. Gross.
{In the daylight. Every seat there is a good seat!}
Did you know that when Gary and I had dated just three months, he broke up with me just as we were leaving to go see a BC Lions game together? He enjoyed the game. I just called my girlfriend on the phone during the half and cried.
So nice at night! I was worried it was going to be a sweatfest like the outdoor wedding we photographed on Friday where it was in the mid 30's all. day. long. But no, there was a nice breeze. Ahhh.
Great night!
Did I tell you that George (my bf's little brother who had a double lung transplant) is now home and doing so crazy well?! Such an answer to prayer!!
Okay, just realized it's midnight.
Bon nuit!!
Love, Louise


  1. oh holidays...i'm anxiously awaiting ours too. hopefully the kids all stay healthy!
    laughing/cringing about the story while you and gary were dating!
    SOOOO excited about George - apparently my sister forgot to update me with that info :)

  2. Classy Gary. Very classy.

  3. I'm going to Empire Field for the Beach Boys/ Bryan Adams PNE concert in August... looks like a great venue. Can't wait!

  4. I wish I had known you were could have parked at our house! I hope you weren't one of the cars towed in the neighbourhood. :)

  5. Marsalie-we did find free parking about 2km away:) As we drove in, Gary mentioned that we should've contacted you! We weren't sure exactly how far you were away from the stadium. Have you gone to it yet?

  6. I am glad you found parking. I was told it was $30 to park at the stadium. Crazy! We were given tickets to the first pre-season game on Father's Day and so we joined the masses and walked over. We only live a few blocks away. It was really fun and we felt so close to the field. I love the new stadium! Johnny and I actually sat on our front deck and watched all the fans leaving on Saturday night while they were walking to their cars. I am glad you had fun.

  7. You should have broken up with Gary at the game...