Thursday, July 08, 2010

Too hot

I am not one of those people that asked for this hot weather. I love it when it's in the 20's. This (mid 30's) is way too hot. I went for a walk at 8am, but otherwise, I'm inside with the AC. Kids are grumpy because they aren't sleeping well. It doesn't help that my thermoregulation is way off. Sweat machine. I'm nervous for the wedding we are shooting tomorrow...all day long outside in the sun (it's an outdoor wedding/reception etc). Oh well. I'll survive!
My niece (well, I guess my sister Jan too) came over for dinner last night. Here's Sami at 3 months old:)
I loved holding a baby again and Koen was very fascinated and kept saying `Baby!' and pointing to her toes, noes etc.

I'll be honest that I'm starting to get nervous about being on the active waiting list for adoption in just over a month. What if we never get picked? How will I deal with not knowing the timeline at all? I was super calm with it until yesterday. I just really feel my desire to have a 3rd child right now is so strong so I'm trying to just really trust God's timing here:)

Gary's off at Home Depot trying to re-tint our 5 gallon pail of grey paint (did you know they do it for free?). You'd think we would have bought a trial size first. Just need a warmer colour. Fun times!

I've been gaining weight. I'm so frustrated. I'm the kind of person who didn't gain or lose weight for 5 years. I know it's all my thyroid but I can't stop taking my meds and I don't know what else to do. I eat healthy and exercise. Grrrrr....

Okay, must go. Sorry for the boring-est post ever!


  1. i'm with you - i love summer, but not THIS hot. mid-20s is the best, topping out at 27/28 is my peak. i am SO thankful for A/C. though i did my best to be a good mom and let the kids play outside this morning with water in the shade. i may not be so 'good' this afternoon.
    i LOVE the typo(?) you made talking about Koen looking at Sami's toes and 'noes.'
    sorry about the weight gain - i KNOW that frustration, but in different ways, obviously. hopefully things will even out again soon.
    all the best tomorrow at the is supposed to be cooler tomorrow than it is today!

  2. Yeah, the heat is killing us here. Pretty sure that Adam and I combined got 2 hours of sleep last night.

  3. oh sami - so cute. I agree on a/c thing. I did take them out until the shade was gone at noon. Hopefully that helps out!