Sunday, July 18, 2010


(I have no recent family pictures, you know, as the last few weeks were lost on our computer, so this is one from a few weeks ago. HOWEVER, our super awesome trip to Drumheller, to see the dinosaurs, will be very soon so there will be some great pictures of the kiddos in a few weeks:)
I just need to share that I'm excited. Why? Well, I already said it a few days ago but I'm heading off for a girls overnight kayaking trip tomorrow! Sounds fun, hey? I'm excited that the kids will be having fun with Gary for 24 hours (his first time with 2 kids for 24 hours) and I will be kid free and enjoying friendships and the ocean. Ah. So pumped! Yippee!!


  1. Your kayak trip sounds blissful!! I hope you have an incredible time.

  2. I'm almost excited for you Louise. I'm sure you'll have a great time.