Tuesday, July 06, 2010

18 Months Old

Kokies is just over 1.5 years old. He is such an adorable little boy. He makes us smile all the time. He has just started calling us mommy and daddy (instead of mama and dada) and it is so cute!!
He sleeps through the night nicely now and usually actually sleeps until 9am. We have been putting a cloth diaper cover over his disposable diaper so that he doesn't get the whole bed super wet because he sleeps for so long! In about a year, hopefully, Kai and Koen will be sharing a room. Should be interesting!!
Kai and Koen are getting along better and better each month and it's just such a joy to see Kai being such a good big brother. Koen can walk up and down stairs, as long as there is a railing. Neighbours freak out when they see him standing on the picnic table, but he's fine, he's just a climber:) We are so thankful for our Ko-enie Koen (that's what Kai calls him). He is just non stop cuteness from morning to night. He has had a few time outs so far, for playing with the tv and the toilet water (yuck!). He has responded well to that. He loves all food (except for lettuce) and drinks so I can't pick a favourite!

I love this family picture that we took today, it's my favourite one so far! We took it (with the remote shutter release) at Redwood Park. I love our family. I'm so excited to add one more child to it and I know Kokies will be a great big brother. I'm trying to be super cool about not knowing the time line but if we were to try for a biological child, now would be the time that we would've started trying. My hope and prayer is that we will bring home our third child by the time Koen is 2.5 years old.

And a side note: Kai's invisible friend, Nobody, is a huge part of his life. He talks about him all the time and let's us know what he is doing. He eats with us, bikes with us, and goes on trips with us. Last night, Nobody wanted to pray for dinner. I spoke out loud what Nobody was saying `invisibly' (as Kai calls it). How long do these invisible friends last? I feel like we have a third child with us already!

And another side note: We have Gary home for the summer!! Very fun and helpful. It allows me to work more and we've been eating very good food:) Did I tell you that we went for a family bike ride? Koen was in the bike trailer but we all biked. It was awesome.

Have a wonderful week!
Love, Louise


  1. I love the swing picture! And the family picture if very lovely also. Your hair is so blonde!

  2. awesome family pics! :) Sorry, can't help you with the invisible friend thing. My boyfriend's nephew has one too and it's a little weird!

  3. "Nobody"....I love it!!! Those boys of yours are SO adorable! I loved every single picture in this post! Isn't a family picture you really love such a great thing?!

  4. I have Sean home for another week and it sure is nice to have the whole family together. i bet you have a ton of family adventures planned for your summer.
    Your adoption process seems to be moving along well too. It is amazing how much work is involved in the process. It will be so exciting for you when you receive that call!!
    Great pictures.....as always. I will have to keep you in mind if we ever make it your way. It would be so fun for you to do our family photos.

  5. What a great family!!