Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Good: Three weeks of holidays start tomorrow!! No photo sessions for 3 weeks!! I leave for kayaking with girlfriends on Monday...yippee!
Bad: I will be editing photos during the three weeks of holidays:)
Good: We have a back up drive and always back up our photo sessions and weddings immediately upon uploading (to anyone who is still awaiting their photos, no worries, it's all on our back up drives ready for editing!!).
Bad: My laptop (where I do EVERYTHING) crashed. Gary is buying one right now as a replacement (beacuse really, what else would I want to do with $1000.00?) and hopefully I can get back to work this evening. We do have his computer which I could use but I need to be able to take our laptop with us. Our personal photos for the last month or so were not backed up...not too big of a deal to me. Could get them back when we attempt to get the ole lap top fixed and they are on flickr if I need to get them. Thank goodness I emailed my sister my `Dear Birthparent' letter as I spent HOURS putting that together.

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. The boys are good. Kai is so pumped for his birthday party next month (dinosaur theme as we are going to be coming back from Drumheller). Kai asked me the other day if carrots were good for his esophagus. Yup, I'd say they're good. Love my dorky kid!! Koen has had a few more teeth come through. He is talking up a storm and it is uber cute. When I get him in the morning, he says, `Morning!'. He is obsessed with his toes. He only likes giving Kai kisses, not me. Kai says, `Mommy, Koen ran out of kisses but I always have lots!'. At least Kai still kisses me.

Love, Louise

Make sure you back up your computer!!


  1. brutal. I hate it when that happens! Glad everything was backed up! It sucks learning that lesson the hard way!

  2. I am so glad that you were able to save your letter. I have a friend who adopted twice and found writing the "dear birth parent" letter to be extremely challenging.
    I keep getting a reminder that I haven't backed up my computer in 60 days so I am going to go do that right now!!