Sunday, July 04, 2010


Gary and I had a night away but before that I better just show the boys on Canada Day. I took the boys by myself because Gary has his social worker visit that day (for the adoption...I feel like I need to clarify why he was seeing a social worker!!)
The boys with Lolo! We got to see Bobs & Lolo perform and we were pumped that they sang the boys favourite songs (I love bugs, My bike and Raindrop Pop).
Kai has been in a bit of a stage where he cries easily. It's pretty strange and a little funny. He acts like I did when I was 13 years old. I'm assuming it's because he was sick and therefore really tired. Anyway, he didn't get to sit in the front of the train to ring the bell, so look at his face the whole way around on the train. Crying and even talking back a bit to me. It didn't bother me because I assumed that most people there were parents and therefore know that this kind of behaviour just happens:)

Okay, then on Friday, my sister Jackie and bro-in-law Tyler came to watch the kids!! Gary and I went to Victoria to shoot a wedding on Saturday. We got in Friday night and checked out the various locations we would need to know for Saturday. We walked around for a few hours and ate dinner at 8pm!! We have never done that (kids always eat at 5pm)...look at me deviating from my structured life:) Ha ha.
We stayed at a hotel right downtown (me posed right in front of it). It's hard being photographers because sometimes you just don't want to take pictures (especially when you are taking about 1800 the next day) but you still want to document stuff. So, we just took some not so great photos. Downtown is a photo shoot ready to happen everywhere. There are so many cool locations and buildings. Must be fun for photographers there!!
It was beautiful weather for walking around...
We stopped at an Irish Pub for dinner. I think it was called `Irish Times' on Government street. It was awesome! Gary had seafood fettuccine and...
I had a seafood club (never had that before!) with crab bisque. Salmon and crab and bacon?!
It was getting chilly so they gave us blankets while we ate:)
And then we shared the dessert sampler. Yum! Great food. Totally recommend it!
Then we went to the waterfront area and I bought a necklace at the night market. Walking around the harbour, we also bought a cool welcome sign for our home. A lady just bent the metal into whatever word you wanted. Such a fun atmosphere there.
And then we had to walk around the parliament buildings. Not to get pictures but for Gary to geocache. Yes, geocache. He found it and it wasn't easy!

The wedding on Saturday was busy. They had planned 5 locations for pictures (usually we do max 2) so it was a lot of rushing around. Beautiful day and bride though:)
So, on the ferry we did our highlight and lowlight and we were the same:
HIGHLIGHT: having dinner together
LOWLIGHT: feeling a bit `scatttered' while shooting the wedding due to so many locations, being in an unfamiliar city and hoping that we got all the shots that we wanted!
Gary and I will def. need to get away at least once a year, for just one night. It was so fun to feel like we were dating again!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!
Love, Louise


  1. looks like a fun little getaway :) too bad you had to work!
    PS I LOVE dessert samplers - a little taste of everything!! :)

  2. Yay for my home town! My sister and I love that I rish pub downtown...and can I just say how much Gray's expression looks like Kai in the pic of him and his fettucine. I have no doubt the wedding photos were amazing...can't wait to see them!

  3. I LOVE that Gary had to geocache!

  4. fantastic that you had a night away!! i can't believe they had 5 locations...that would stress me out! :) but i'm with doubt the pictures are amazing and i can't wait to see them either.
    the food looks awesome, and i love the pics of the parliament buildings.

  5. I'm glad you had such a nice visit to my town. If you ever want to come back with kids, you're welcome at our house - lots of room, despite not really knowing each other. Although I have met Gary since we were in the Vose wedding together.

    The photo of the back of the Legislature is so beautiful.

  6. Sara-would love to! I actually said to Gary as we were driving into Victoria that we should've contacted you before hand!

  7. I love the atmosphere in Victoria! It's so community driven and outdoorsy.

  8. Victoria - probably my favourite Canadian city! Great pictures of the legislature building - looking forward to seeing the wedding photos!

  9. Louise
    Did you forget your 4 day get away in March? I know once you are back home it seems like the last getaway was forever ago. Glad you guys had fun:O)

  10. Maria, how could i forget? Did I say something that made it sound like that? I just said that we have to go somewhere at least once per year:)

  11. sounds like an awesome trip. love victoria.