Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Weaknesses; A Clarification

Last week I wrote a post on my weaknesses which came out when I met with our social worker (in our 3rd of 6 visits!! Woohoo!). I just wanted to clarify a few things, especially since Melissa wrote a great comment in response to the post.

1. Family and friends were asked to list strengths and weaknesses so it wasn't like they just said a bunch of weak things about us. They were told to:) I've filled out one of those forms before too, so I knew what they were like. I should have clarified, I can't assume that people know! Now, my social worker did focus on my weaknesses, which we discussed, which was why they were fresh in my mind.

2. I shared because I thought it was cool. How often to you get to hear how you could grow and change from those you trust? Hearing it that way was much easier than face to face or from Gary in a heated discussion! I told Gary `Oh my, I just meant to vent and process and people are getting defensive for me!'. Totally not intended! Interesting to see what I need to think about.

3. I maybe shouldn't have shared my defensive thoughts but I do get quite defensive. Like a said in the post, what some see as a weakness, others see as a strength so I was just flipping it. Also, I completely agree that I am a little bossy but at the same time, someone said I take initiative. By the way, Gary totally thinks I'm pessimistic because he says that realistic is not on the continuum. Yes, I do think that a punk walking by me might steal my purse. I blame it on my dad and the profession he had working with those punks:) My dad even had a fake video camera put up in our front yard to deter potential break ins.

4. Again, I totally respect and understand the process. I also find it very interesting.

On a side note, wow, almost done my `Dear Birth Parent' letter. It's about 13 pages of writing and pictures (I'd say half pictures). It was so hard to do and I'm still not completely done. I want to make sure that we include pictures of our home and yard as was recommended to us by someone else who got feedback on theirs. Then, Gary just needs to write his (and make a one has done that before but it was encouraged and I think we are making `A Day In The Life' kind of thing) and then just 3 more visits! I think that's it.

Have a wonderful day. By the way, just need to say that we had our first family jog (meaning Gary pushing the kids in the stroller) in a year. Awesome.

Enjoying the AC,

PS Please note that there is another post below!
PPS And please note that the family picture below, which I loved, was accidentally shot at ISO 1000 so it is way too noisy to enlarge. So sad. Have to do another one...

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