Monday, July 12, 2010

My Dream

Last night I had my first adoption dream. In it, I was taking our one week old son (it was a boy!) to the doctor. He asked me what his name was and I didn't know. I had known it when he was born but forgot it! Then, he asked me whether he had a stronger grip with his left or right hand and I didn't know that either. I told the doctor that I held him all the time but didn't hold his hands and I felt so guilty! Then, I threw up (in my dream still).
Maybe Gary and I should start talking names in case we get to name our child?! The other day I mentioned a boy name and Gary said `Yes' immediately. With the other boys, it took MONTHS. I'm not sold on it but still, it's an option!
Have a great day.
Love, Louise


  1. Maybe it's like the myth that when you are pregnant the first dream you have about your baby (the sex of it) is what you are going to have!