Friday, January 23, 2009

We went shopping!

(Looking like a little old man. He slept in 2 four hour chunks last night!!! Woohoo, I feel so alive. We bought some Ovul type stuff for the gas and it worked within minutes).

It was so nice to get out of the house today. The reason I was hesitant to do so is because I'm not supposed to be lifting Kai at all. I have to lift him in and out of his car seat and into a cart if we are using one. I used the sit and stand stroller and it worked wonderfully with the two of them and maneuvered so well. We went to Extra Foods, Walmart AND visited work. I love my job and the staff there are not just colleagues, but friends. I love that Gary and I work at the same place, not only do we truly understand eachothers days but he can keep me up to date while I'm on mat leave:)

Kai has been a great brother. Not overly interested but very protective. He also asks if he can do things before doing them. Example; asking if he can lay his head down next to the baby's. He loves to put lotion on the baby and really wants to help out with everything. He shares his beloved Bubi with Koen and whenever Koen cries, Kai says `I think he needs more milk!'.
The one challenge with Kai has been his attitude towards doing what we say. I know he is adjusting to having a baby brother and recovering from a long sickness but he is driving Gary and I nuts. I think the greatest challenge for me is him always saying he doesn't want to do anything. If I say, `Let's go for a walk!'. He acts like he's dying...`I'm too sick. I'm too tired. Little boys don't need to go on walks' etc. Once we go and do the activity, he loves it and doesn't want to stop, but to actually get him out and going is tough. Physically, I don't want to push it by picking him up etc. Also, I'm not sure that time outs are working with him. He is in time out 2-3 times per day at least. He doesn't mind going to time out either. I'm not sure what privileges we can take away. TV? Snack?
(Looking up at the teddy bears on his swing)
I think that once Kai wakes up we'll go for a walk because the sunshine is out folks! Yippee!


  1. We did the Baby Whisperer too, (not her militant sleeping arrangements, but her EASY). To do her method you don't follow a 3 hour schedule, you follow your baby. The 3 hour schedule is offered as an example of what the average baby will do. You're supposed to do the activities in the order listed, but at the time intervals your baby prefers. Both my babies had 90 minute schedules for the first few months, but we still did the eat, awake, sleep, you. The idea is to follow your baby rather than the clock, but encourage a specific order of events.

    I don't like breastfeeding for the first 4 months until my babies catch up to the speed of my letdown. I don't do it because I particularly like it; it is a big personal sacrifice. I do like the relationship and closeness but that's not why I do it--I like to have my body to myself too! I do it because it's healthy for them, rather than nice for me.
    Just so you know you're not alone in this feeling!

  2. I see Kai so much in these photos of Koen!

    Could Kai climb into his own carseat? When Micah was wee, often people would offer to put Eva into the cart for me. Or I might find a chair she could climb up onto, and just steady her with my hands while she climbed into the shopping cart.

    What sweet stories about Kai with Koen.

    Good luck with the discipline! Micah has been refusing to do stuff lately too. Grr!