Saturday, January 17, 2009


I feel a whole lot better!! I'm heading out of the house BY MYSELF as soon as Koen falls asleep. Do you know how much you can get done with 2 almost healthy adults in the house? Wowzers.
These guys never really interact as I've been keeping them apart. However, now that Koen is sick anyway AND Kai was game for holding we go!
If you think Koen is jaundiced, he is. However, they are not concerned due to his huge weight gain...they will check him again on Tuesday to make sure he gained more weight.
These guys are going to be great buddies, I know it!
Could be a blondie?! Oh I hope so!!! I love this guy. He is so cute and so easy and we are so happy he is here. I am loving getting my body back to normal, nothing better than dropping 1-2 lbs per day!!! I've got 11 more to go. Now that I'm feeling better, I'm ready to start some serious walking. I'm not supposed to run til 6 weeks so hopefully I can wait that long:)
**Note: One should not attempt to buy new clothes 2 weeks after having a baby. One should wait a little longer and just suck it up in the maternity jeans a bit longer....**


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    i was gonna write...he is very jaundiced!

    but so cute....

  2. You are a super healer! I'm so glad you are feeling so much better, whoohoo!!

    I love the photos of the boys together. I think Koen looks so much like Kai! He is adorable. I love the photo of Kai hugging smiling Koen, and the last one too. Praying the entire household is well in record time.

  3. He is cute. Missed him lately - since everyone will be better soon we can come by and say hi again soon. I said to annika today...what is your baby cousins name...she said : "Koen...he is sooo cute"

  4. tooo super cute!!

    Love to the boys
    Glad you guys are feeling better.