Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Germfest 2009

Wow. This super virus is insane. We are all (besides Koen) sweating, shaking, coughing, tired etc. Gary had to take Kai to the emergency room at 10pm last night because he had a temp of 103F and wasn't drinking anything etc. They were really good to him there, talking in 2 year old language for him (ex. looking for bananas in his ears etc). They doubled the recommended dose of tylenol and advil. I have heard so many warnings against giving too much so I always give the exact amount. Apparently when you are a 2 year old that weighs 35lbs, you need more:) Fortunately they were back after 1.5 hours. Kai is not himself. He just says he's so tired all day. We tried to go for a walk yesterday and after 5 steps he said he was too tired. That is not our energetic boy. All he had to eat yesterday and today was a popsicle and an applesauce. Gary was able to come home at noon today to take care of Koen (who may be in a growth spurt eating every 2 hours throughout the night and day...TIRING) so that i could nap for 1/2 hour.
Watching Treehouse all day long...

All this guy does is snuggle and sleep and eat and poop. I'm not used to such a cuddle bug! I'm really praying that he does not get sick because this virus is nasty. Tomorrow we are going to the doctor for his first check up...hopefully all looks well!! Well, time to get back into the recliner. I cannot wait to have a healthy household.


  1. I like the photo of you guys watching TV. Just a relaxing family, waiting to get better... :)

  2. oh man, that does not sound fun. Get better soon!