Sunday, January 25, 2009

So let the sunshine in...

Face it with a grin, smilers never lose and frowners never win. That song must've been on one of our records growing up:) I love this sun. Beautiful!!!
Check out the cute lil dimple below!

Yesterday I went to Maria's wedding shower and it's just so awesome to think about all the fun that is ahead for her and Mark as the embark on this wonderful journey of marriage! I had Koen with me and he decided to vomit up his entire feed from 2 hours before. Gross. He did it again last night. He's such a content guy but he def. has a lot of stomach pains/gas as most babies do. I actually got a little teary eyed with him last night because of his vomitting. I just feel bad for him and his lil belly pain. His next dr. appt is on Wed so we'll see if he's gaining weight appropriately etc. I feel like he is growing but we will see what the scale says. I wish there was more to do for their gas pain but I know this stage will pass. After my C-section, I had incredibly painful gas so I can relate:)
Yesterday we took a family walk to Extra Foods and I had Koen in the baby bjorn which he liked. I just love getting outside and hope the weather stays sunny and maybe gets a little warmer??
(This guy def. looks like Kai but has a narrower head than him. It will be interesting to see what he looks like as he gets older! I wonder if a girl would've looked like Kai too?)
This morning in church, the worship pastor was praying and Kai had his hands folded and eyes squeezed shut but he whispered to me `Mommy, I'm done praying' and then he yelled out, twice, `AMEN!!! AMEN!!'. People all around us were giggling. I guess it was a long prayer:) He LOVES sunday school and I love that he loves it. They have story time, snack, colouring and singing. On the way to church he said,`My name isn't Kai anymore. It's Ani. I start with an `A' now'.
I just came back from the community sports class that we have Kai signed up for. Basically its six 2.5 year olds running around collecting balls and running into walls. Kai spent most of his time shooting balls into the bball hoop and I have to say, he's not bad:) The one thing that is concerning is that if there is another boy that misbehaves, Kai will copy their behaviour. He did it at the park yesterday (throwing bark mulch around) and at the gym today.
I had a chance to go clothes shopping again today...yup, 3 weeks is still too early to buy clothes. I don't like this stage. Wear maternity clothes? Buy clothes a size too big? Try to squish into your regular clothes? So awkward. Okay, I've got one hour before the next feed...time to relax!


  1. I think that Koen looks more like you Louise. He is sure cute!

    I totally relate to wanting to get out of those maternity clothes as quick as possible. After Shaylah, I squished into my regular clothes after 2 weeks....not comfortable, but I didn't have an incision to worry about. Following the twins, I stayed in maternity clothes for at least a month (maybe longer?). It is not easy recovering from a c-section! I always think it is funny now that I look back...when I was buying maternity clothes I used to think "I could wear this after too!". No way! I now know that you want to get rid of those clothes immediately!

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    . . bless anyone who fits in their clothes after 2 wks . . that sure didn't happen to me (those mannnny years ago) . . your boys are beautiful (!) and so are you . . enjoy!!

  3. gosh, i think he looks like gary. love the pix!
    have you tried altering your diet at all, to help with the tummy pains? some kids are sensitive to what their mommies eat.
    kai is too funny. LOVE the amen story!
    I wore my maternity clothes for awhile...mostly because I don't have enough non maternity clothes to get thru a day (having a puker for a baby, as you do!), and because although I weigh the same as before I got pregnant, my stomach is still baggy and fat so pants just didn't fit right. Def. don't buy new clothes, I say. But it depends how you feel. I liked my maternity clothes and was able to pull out my spring stuff I hadn't worn all summer, so I wasn't so sick of them, you know?
    I still can't really shop, though, because either the waist is too tight or the ass is too big on all the pants I try on.
    I'm just glad I don't have to wear a bathing suit.

    Are you still thinking you just want 2 kids? The past few days I've been wanting 4 again. But now that I've said it 'out loud' to you, I want to retract it and just stick with 3. Ack. Can. Not. Decide....

    Would you go with the snip? Brent gets faint whenever I mention it. But no way am I using condoms for another 15 years. Yech.

    I'm rambling....