Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Gary was sweating all night and has been coughing up a storm with cold #2 in 2 weeks. He still went to work today. I am still trying to get over cold #2. Kai is currently lying on the couch with a cough which he's had for 10 days AND a fever of 101F. Koen appears to be getting by okay which is our priority. I have no idea how he's making it through this germfest of a house with us coughing on him all day and night. I'm sick of us being sick. I need summer. My poor little boy. When he said he didn't want any food for breakfast, I knew right away something was wrong. I'm not trying to be a complainy pants, just letting you know what the Chapman household is looking like right now...not pretty.


  1. Ok I was thinking about coming over for a visit on Thursday, but now I'm going to stay away until there is an "all clear" at the Chapman household! ;)

  2. Well, I do believe there is something to be said about breast milk containing live cells passed from the mother which help prevent the wee lil' babe from getting sick :).
    Poor little onion...man, must be so tiring with everyone sick. Don't worry Weezer; it'll end someday!