Friday, January 16, 2009


1. Gary is feeling about 75%
2. Kai ate dinner (woohoo!!!! must be better?)
3. My fever and chills are minimal but I am completely congested and feel like passing out (I'm off to bed in 2 seconds)
4. Koen had unbelievable amounts of mucus coming out of his nose today, so thankful he could sneeze it all out! I know its not really what you want to hear about but boy, it is very sad to see your little guy sick. I'm nervous that he may be too tired to wake to feed so I may have to set the alarm clock to actually wake up and make him eat.
5. I need us to be better soon because I can't do this much longer. I wish we could just all go to the hospital and have people take care of us...I would request Dr. Gregory House, although he would make me cry BUT he would make me better:). Maybe an amazing nurse/nanny would be a good option. Not trying to sound selfish but its hard to get better when you are taking care of others. We can do this. We can do this. We can do this. It can't last forever. It can't last forever.


  1. Well Weezer..I know a few amazing nurses! :)
    And as you can do it! You'll look back on this in a few years and think "Oh..that was such a hard time...I am SO thankful I can go on a hike with gary and Koen and Kai in the sunshine today...".
    Remember...if you need anything, you just gotta ask!

  2. Anonymous12:57 AM

    We went through the same thing when our son was 2 weeks old - brutal! Our prayers are with you!