Thursday, January 15, 2009

Germfest update

Last night was probably the sickest I've ever been. Feverish, chills, aches, rapid heart rate, trouble was a rough day. Koen now has a cold. A 13 day old baby should not have a cold. He had a check up today. He weighs 10lbs 2oz and is 21.5 inches long (that must mean he was much longer than 20 inches when he was born which makes sense since Kai was 22.5 inches long). I'm really hoping to get healthy soon. Poor Kai is on day 3 of not eating or drinking enough and taking tylenol every 4 hours. As long as Koen does not get a fever, we should make it through this okay. Have I mentioned that Koen is a super baby? He just eats and sleeps and poops. Is that what normal babies are like? Kai would take an hour of rocking to calm down and fall alseep...Koen, 2 minutes. Wowzers.


  1. I am SO very glad Koen is an easy baby. It's wonderful, no? :)
    i hope you all get over this bug SOON!

  2. Anonymous9:52 AM

    louise, i love reading your blog-it's so familiar, we just had son #3 in june-we all got sick right away-and ended up giving our baby, sawyer RSV. it was rough, but one thing that helped was teming int the shower-i bought these shower tabs from shoppers and sat the carseat in the bathroom and filled it with steam-you ucan do this with a pop up kids tent if you have one and a humidifier to, and put the carseat in there-i also waited to do cloth diapers for a couple months-do you have the toilet sprayer for them-it makes it way easier!! sharon page (maria's friend)