Saturday, January 31, 2009


This morning, after everyone was fed, bathed, and dressed, we went for a walk to Clayton Park to do our first family geocache. I have never done it before but I can see how it could be addicting! Kai was pumped to go on a treasure hunt. Koen does SO well in the bjorn. Seriously, within 5 minutes now, he is asleep. Love it. Wish I could take pics of it but with both of our hands full, its getting harder!
(Please note that I found an old pair of my jeans that are low rise and therefore fit fabulously..woohoo!!!!)
I find it easier to do stuff with Kai if I just carry Koen around with me. I don't know how long my back will allow me to do it, but I can't just leave Koen crying as he is so comforted just being held. Gary does not mind the sound of a crying baby, I am the complete opposite.
(I'm thinking the boys look quite different. Kai was chubbier/rounder and darker...)
Then, my friend Terri, Steve and their son Noah came by for a visit and met Koen. I think Noah and Kai could be good buddies, especially if they appreciate each others toys:) Last night, Sam, Torie and Bennett stopped by and Kai was pumped to play with Bennett too. Seems like everyone likes Kai's trucks and power tools.
Now, Gary has taken Kai to Costco. I didn't realize that we didn't have any eggs left so I have a double batch of double chocolate chip cookies ready to go, I just need 4 more eggs..hopefully they get home soon!
This afternoon I went for a walk by myself to the liquor store to get some beer for the Superbowl tomorrow...I think I'll have one and I think its okay? May have to google it. All together I walked 5km today no problem, I love being outside!!!
The BioGaia drops won't be in until Monday...I hope they do the trick! Our laid back baby just has some serious gas pain. I know it will pass (pun intended) but its just hard seeing him in pain in the meantime.
When I told Kai he was going to be 2.5 next week, he just said `No, I'm two. I don't want the half'. That is how he talks all the time now. What a punk.
I just love having Gary home because we can each take care of a kid AND I can run out of the house whenever I want. Yay for weekends! Yay for spring break! Yay for summer holidays!


  1. the jeans do look great! and no muffin top?! Perhaps because you walked 5k today. I *really* gotta get me some walking shoes.

  2. You look so great with your new baby :)

  3. there is no muffin top because they are low enough. Any of my other jeans are terrible...they squeeze all the excess skin to the waistline:)

  4. Wow, i find that no matter what rise my jeans are, there's a muffin top! you look great Louise!
    He's so cute!!!
    my personal opinion on the beer...go nuts. Well, not TOTALLY nuts, but I don't think there is a problem with having one. What I read on (b/c I was interested a few weeks ago) is, it doesn't get trapped in your circulates in and out, so whatever you drink, he'll only receive a portion of. And if you're only having one drink, I doubt you'd see any difference in him at all.
    Enjoy the beer. :) haha

  5. You look great! Sounds like all is well there. Koen looks different now- you're right, quite different from Kai. So cute!

    Geocaching sounds very fun.

    I'm so interested to hear how the gas remedy works.

    They say I think that a portion of alcohol is metabolized in about 3 hours. Also that the breastfed baby gets the alcohol in the same proportion that you do. I had the odd beer while breastfeeding.

  6. and hey, he might sleep a little longer for ya! :)

  7. Anonymous10:07 PM

    You look fabulous Louise, and so smiley and rested - yay for you!

  8. Yay for having husbands at home!

  9. mm! when you mentioned the rehmans' visit i remembered that you may not know why we haven't met your sweetieboo yet!!! Our whole family has been sicksicksick since before New Years, if we ever are all five of us WELL at the same time, we will come over. The last thing your baby needs is another virus.
    We really are pumped to meet him and I'm sorry we haven't done so yet!

  10. What I was told while the babies were in the hospital by the milk experts (although I don't drink), is that you can have a glass of wine or whatever right after a feed and then you need to use some pumped milk for the next feed. It is best to wait 5-6 hours because the baby will get the alcohol. Also, you can "pump and dump" for the feed you normally would give him from the breast so that you don't get engorged. Have fun at your party!

    I agree about the jeans....I was thinking how skinny you look already! Awesome.

    What is geocaching? I feel like I should know since I have 2 Biology degrees, but I clearly have no idea. :)

  11. I saw that picture of you and the first thing I thought was, Wow she is in regular jeans. Well done!! You are motivating me to get out there. I just realized our boys have birthdays son is August 5th, although he will be 4.

  12. yuppers...alcohol in breast milk will be absorbed in the breast, then metabalize and leave the breast milk, so the old theory of 'pump and dump' is not as popular anymore...just take the beer right after breastfeeding, and he'll barely get any by the time the next feed comes! Besides, it's good to try diff. foods so he can enjoy diff. tastes... :)

  13. ps-you do look really good Weezer!

  14. ah, louise you look so skinny. way to go!

  15. p.s. you only need to pump and dump if you have more than one drink. And Dana's right, one drink is metablized in 3 hours. Feed Koen, then drink your beer, then wait 2 or 3 hours before you feed him again.
    I actually know all this information but don't follow it. Am I terrible or what? :P I don't drink much volume, but I've been known to have 1/3 of a glass of wine with dinner here and there...or even WHILE breastfeeding AT THE SAME TIME. I think that's actually not recommended. So don't do that.

  16. Anonymous10:05 PM

    You look amazing! Way to go :)

  17. If you need any geocache pointers, I've been caching for almost 5 years now

  18. *gasp* Louise and Gary drink beer ;)


  19. Louise does, Gary had a root beer:)