Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pics of Baby Koen

Today my sisters Jackie and Trisha took Kai swimming. Apparently he LOVED it and he came back saying he was a dolphin. He also may have put up a bit of a fuss when leaving because he was having too much fun....While he was gone, Gary and I took some pictures of Koen. Usually one of us takes pics and the other manages the lights. This time, one of us was always in the picture and Koen was a little fussy so I was a little flustered. I think we will take more when he is a few week older so we can see his big blue eyes:) Check out GC Photography for some of those pics. I will post on of my favs here.

By the way, I feel sooooo good! I seriously sleep 2 hour chunks at a time and get about 6 hours a night. This is sooooo different than last time and I'm just so happy about it! At night, Koen fusses for maybe 5 minutes after a feed, we swaddle him up, and fast asleep he goes. I cannot wait for nicer weather and a little more strength so I can take the kiddos for a walk in the double stroller.


  1. Anonymous6:03 PM

    I love the pictures! I checked out the photography blog and there's such a cute one of you, Louise, and Koen and he's sleeping but he's smiling, it is adorable! All the pictures are really good though! It's so awesome you guys can create such wonderful memories having the studio in your house!

  2. Gary and Louise.... a huge congrats from the 5 Zuidhofs in NB. We are thrilled with the safe arrival of Koen. We love the name and think he is a beautiful baby. Praise God for the miracle of new life! Can't wait to meet him someday.