Monday, January 12, 2009

The Latest

There are no pictures in this post because the idea of taking pictures, uploading and then posting them is just too much for today:) Gary is sick now. Great. Usually he will do a diaper change in the night but I `gave' him the night off. He has a very busy week with bball pretty much every night. I don't know when he'll have a chance to rest up and get better. At least Kai and Koen are pretty much okay...phew!

Yesterday we went to church. It was our first real outing as a family! Kai was wonderful in Sunday school and Koen napped quietly in my arms and then drank the bottle that I had pumped for him. Our pastor (my bro-in-law) had us go to the front to pray for Koen and our family. It was def. a discussion when Kai was born because I grew up with infant baptism and Gary did not. It's not that I wanted the baptism, I just wanted something more official. Something where the congregation and family let their commitment be made known that they would keep us accountable and help us keep our child `on track'. Something where we would publicly profess our desire to raise our son in a Christian home and do our best to model Christ. Regardless, I guess whether it is publicly said or not, we know we do have support of those around us and we know what our intentions are.

I am feeling quite well. Tired though. Koen has been having forceful projectile vomiting at about 9pm the past two nights. The whole feed comes up. So gross. Then he is up for about 3 hours with extremely painful gas. He sort of settles when lying on me but I'm too scared to go to sleep with him on me because I don't trust myself asleep! I have given up dairy starting today to see if that makes a difference. It did for Kai. I can't believe the amount of gas and poop coming out of this kid, there is no way we are starting cloth diapers with him until it settles down. Seriously, over 10 poops/day. Gross. Let's also say that I'm pumping for half of the feeds for comforts sake. He is still not very alert which is kind of strange but we will see the doctor on Thursday and hopefully all is well.

(a baby announcement I made yesterday...not sure if I love it but not sure if I have energy to work on it more!)

I'm writing this post because I didn't want the post below it to show up right when you opened up this blog. If you are queasy, don't look!!!


  1. Just thought I would let you know...Caelan has been a pooper since the beginning and still poops about 5 times a day. My girls have never been like that. Just thinking...once a pooper, always a pooper? :)

  2. I'm with you on the infant baptism (for many reasons), but that's beside the point I guess. If you would like, Jackie and I can keep you Chapmans accountable for raising your children in a loving, Christian way. But I warn you that we may take it seriously ;)

  3. At our church in Wpg they do an infant dedication to the Lord. I liked it. It was fun being baptized as an adult.

    Praying for your family's wellness!!!