Wednesday, January 28, 2009


*I added a couple more pics at the bottom*

This guy could just snuggle all day, this is def. his favourite way to sleep.
He went to the doctor today for his one month check up (although he's not a month old til Tuesday) and his weight was 11lbs 4oz and his height is just 21.75 inches. What a shorty...oh boy, I hope he doesn't have my genes for his height! It's so hard not to compare the two boys in regards to temperment and size and milestones etc. I'm really trying not to HOWEVER, Koen is def. smaller than his big bro was. Although, Koen was born a week earlier than his brother and he hasn't really reached the one month mark yet:)
Brag moment here, the doctor said his neck strength was that of a 2 month old:) The doctor also suggested BioGaia drops for his digestive issues. Has anyone used this? Thoughts? It's basically probiotic drops that contain the bacteria that exist in our digestive systems.

Isn't he yummy?
Nap attempt time.


  1. cute, snuggly baby pics. he's adorable!

  2. so sweet!! That is exactly how my Mikayla sleeps, all day and night!

  3. I love the pictures. I love snuggling with newborns... although there hasn't been one in the family for a while.

  4. I used probiotics because I had group b strep and therefore antibiotics in labour. I took them and i gave some to Riley. I'm a fan of probiotics myself, they help me tons! I am not familiar with the brand your doc recommended but I did use probiotics.

    I put some on my finger and let him suck it off. My midwife said you can also put some on your nipple before a feed; double protection against thrush. I've never had a yeast infection on my breasts but I've def. had them elsewhere. Probiotics are my only sure cure.

    I'd say, it can't hurt and it sure might help. C sectioned babies get fewer of the intestinal flora they need to digest stuff, though brestfed c sections generally catch up. C section bottle fed babies can spend their whole lives trying to catch up in the intestinal flora department (according to Dr Z on's that for a source?!), but that doesn't apply to Koen.

    Just my experience!