Sunday, September 28, 2008

BC Lions

It's been a busy weekend, but a good one. Kai has been very excited the past few days and to everyone he saw, he said `I'm going to the BC Lions!'. He carried around a fake ticket stub that I gave him and was so excited. He thought he was going to play football with them but I cleared that up a bit.

Gary and I had won 2 tickets back in June and so we have been trying to find a day that worked because we have just been so busy. Saturday evening worked. We decided to take Kai with us as we couldn't find a sitter at the time and besides, he was free and when would he get a chance again?
In the morning, Gary helped a friend move. In the afternoon we went to Gary's cousins wedding reception. They had gotten married 4 months ago overseas so this was an opportunity for all the family to be together to celebrate. We don't get together with that side of the family very often so it was fun to see all of the kids growing up. There was also very good food there. Yum. Then we head out to the game and got there with just 10 minutes to spare which meant that we ended up parking in the closest and most expensive lot: $30!!!! Are you joking me? Who pays $30 for a parking spot for 3 hours? Apparently we do. I asked them how much a parking ticket would cost if we didn't pay and they said $82.50 plus towing. We paid. When I asked them, I prefaced it with `I'm just curious....'. Later Kai said, `Mommy, you're curious?'.
We had great seats along the 50 yard line and Kai was very good at the dancing and cheering. He yelled at the top of his voice `Go Lions go!'. Most people thought it was really cute but I'm not sure how the men in front of us felt when he leaned right in between their heads to scream it at the field. The first quarter, Kai was really, really good. The second quarter, he started walking down the row counting chair and eating some snacks. It was 8:30pm by that time and he had enough. I was also exhausted beyond belief and so we head home halfway (they won 40-10). We gave someone our parking stub so at least someone else saved $30. That felt nice. Maybe it would've felt nicer if they offered us $10 for it? How un-altruistic am I?:)
On the way home, Kai said `That was so fun mommy'. His verbal skills astound me. I love it. We may try potting training on Friday. Might. We'll see. I bought him some new sporty underwear so we'll see if the basketballs and soccer balls entice him. Talking about should've seen him! I brought him to the end of Gary's basketball practice on Friday and he stood there stunned for 15 minutes but then grabbed a ball and tried to dribble and pass etc. He helped Gary clean up afterwards by carrying water bottles and basketballs and he was in heaven! `Mommy, I'm helping daddy clean up!'.

Kai woke up this morning at 4:40am and I was already up because the baby usually starts his/her karate routine in utero around 4am and goes til about 5:30am. Anyway, Kai was crying so I took him into our bed and he actually attempted to sleep (using my pillow..great!). Gary put him back in his bed around 5:15. I had to babysit in nursery this morning but I went alone as Kai has come down with a cold. Great, he was getting sick (I had no idea) and then we kept him up til 9pm. He made it all the way through September without getting sick so maybe that's not bad? Poor little guy.

On another note; we are looking seriously for a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey. 2000 or newer. By November. Well, I should say Gary is. I have alotted $10,000 for the van and one year insurance. So much money. Anyway, if Gary is able to do it for less (getting a good van in the process obviously), he is `allowed' to sell his 20D Canon and get a 5D (second hand). I don't think Gary thought I would ever give the okay on that but you know, I'm nice. And supportive:) At least I share the enjoyment of photography so I guess I benefit there too! Hmmmm...maybe you aren't supposed to talk about financial stuff on blogs. Oh well. If you're not, sorry! Well, Kai is coughing away so I better check on him...adios.


  1. I'm going to have to ask that you'd kindly remove any mention of the possible purchase of a 5D. Already I can't make Andrew stop talking about that thing; this will only make him more determined to find a way to slide it into *our* budget.

    Thanks a lot buddy.

    ;) hee hee

  2. so cute! love the pics of Kai at the game :)
    Totally support your vehicle was between those two for us too, but we chose the Sienna since that's what Alf works on every day. and we LOVE our Sienna ('01). We found ours on Craigslist and got a smokin' deal on it. hope the same for you, whichever van you decide on :)