Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 40th Anniversary

Last night we celebrated Dan and Judy's 40th Anniversary. They are Gary's parents, or, my in-laws. It was a nice evening with lots of food, family, friends, some entertainment and speeches. Kai was up until 9:30pm and was actually quite well behaved (I'm so thankful yesterday was actaully a nap day!!!!).
Cutting and feeding eachother their Columbian flag cake. Dan and Judy were missionaries there for 10 years or so.

Gary and his brothers played their instruments for their mom and dad. They used to play with their mom in church and wherever their mom wanted them to play. They have not played together in 15 years and I have never heard Gary play so it was a sweet surprise.
The sister-in-laws giving a little speech on their appreciation for Dan and Judy (I can't call them mom and dad and the other sisters call them by their names so that works well for me!).

The grandaughters saying how important gramma and grampa are...Kai went at the end and said `I wuv you gramma and grampa!'

In the morning, my sisters took Kai and Ani to the pool. I warned them of his fear of the pool and told them not to pressure him into anything:) He ended up walking in up to waist! I'm very proud of him as this is a big step for him. He loves `swimming' and putting his face in the water in the bath tub but anything bigger than that freaks him out a bit. During this time (2 hours!!!), I was able to vacuum in peace and finish my book. I really didn't want to finish it because I was enjoying it. It's called something like `The Amazing and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters'. I found it funny and sad and easy to read. Great 25cent garage sale find! Gary spent this time cooking like crazy. Then, our friend from work came by and we took some shots of her with her husband and new daughter Olivia. You can check them out here
23 week picture. I often forget I'm pregnant and time seems to be flying. Kai finds it so funny that he used to be in my belly. He asked what he was doing in there and I told him he was growing and swimming. Today, while driving home from church, he said `Mommy, look at the mountains! God made mountains so high!'. He is such a funny guy. Last night while Gary's parents were giving a thank you speech, Kai noticed the chocolate fountain and ran around the room telling each person `Hey everbody, it's chocolate time!!'. Kinda funny and a little disruptive:)
Kai was really into hugging and tackling people last night so here is tackling his cousin. Well, I better rest up because i think Kai is napping again!!! Woohoo!!! I get to stay home tomorrow which I am so thankful for because my classroom does not have AC and its supposed to get pretty hot.

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