Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crescent Beach

Gary took the bike to work today so I got to use the car! Kai and I went to Crescent beach this morning with Maria (sister), Ani, and Isabelle (neices). On the way there, Kai said, `Ani is my favourite. Ani is so funny. Ani is so nice!'. He also rubbed his belly and said, `Mommy, the baby is kicking me!'. Oh boy. I thought he was understanding the baby was just in my belly!
I got a bee sting while kneeling down to get the above picture. Great. I haven't been stung in years so it was interesting to remind myself of what it feels like. Kind of like getting your ear pierced I guess.
I can't believe that leaves are already changing colours and starting to fall! I love this season!
What is better than throwing rocks in the water?
Kai was really hoping to see an octopus or an alligator. Unfortunately, we just found seaweed, crabs, and clam shells:)

Toothy grin...

Kai is starting to find B-belle a little more amusing
Kai and Ani are in the `I do it' stage. So, here's Kai pushing the stroller the whole time
And Ani trying to put her coat on by herself:)
We just got a bunch of plums from a friend and she had made this amazing plum pudding with it so I think I'm going to make some now too. My fav. dessert in the world is a warmed fruit dessert with vanilla icecream. Gary and I have a fancy dinner date tonight so I hope I don't eat too much before I go, I want to savour every bite!


  1. You are WAY to quick on the blogging, I think I have a few months to catch up on.
    It was a nice morning, great that Annika and Kai can play so much more by themselves now....a lot easier on the moms :O)

  2. The first photo is so striking, I love it!

    Looks like such a fun day!

  3. That first photo posted of the two cousins and the tree is amazingly striking, at least when viewed at the size which it is posted: the juxtaposition of the two small children in the context of the expansive field and the vast sky, the almost silhouetted tree towering over them, and the awe-inspiring simplicity and grandeur of the world (as seen in the simplicity and grandeur of the photo... sky, ground, leaves, and children) reflected in the childlike wonder of those playing/exploring in it. I really like that photo. I could read the rest of the blog for fear that it would detract from the experience. I wasn't there, but this seems to 'capture' a moment in time. Nice work Louise.