Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Friends

Gary and Andrey making some curry sauces which were sooooooo yummy. Andrey and Gary have been great friends for about 14 years. Andrey and Jen stayed with us for a few days this week and have actually been our first overnight guests that were not family so that was fun:)

They were making food for all of these guys below! The various stuffed animals are meant to stand for the other Nerdy friends that couldn't make it out. I just realized that Riley is hidden by Melisssa's head but just so you know, there's a really cute baby on Brent's lap!

Just the girls...

Kai was soooooo pumped to have 4 other boys in the house and boy oh boy, those boys were all over the place (Well, besides Riley who is just 6 weeks old):)

This is Kai's buddy Bennett. Bennett is setting a good example for Kai by using the toilet!

This is a terrible picture but this is what you get when you set the timer and hope for the best:) I had a doctor appt today and all looks good. My uterus is measuring 23cm and I've gained 11lbs so far. The baby's heart rate was 150 bpm. My BP was 106/60. I talked over C-section vs. natural delivery again with my doctor and have decided that I most def. want a C-section. I think that I was feeling pressure from society, wondering if I would regret not trying etc but when we read over the report of Kai's birth (so interesting to read since I forgot a lot of the details/times due to complete and utter exhaustion), I really recognized that it would most likely be a repeat situation since we really did all we could last time to get him out. I have been referred to the same doctor that did my last C-section so hopefully she'll be able to do it again since I really thought she did a great job. My regular doctor (who is fantastic) will still be doing all my prenatal and postnatal care. Just have to have the glucose test in the next week or so, hopefully all is well in that department. In 2 weeks I will reach 26 weeks which is where I was at when my mom passed away when i was pregnant with Kai. I've already been thinking about it a lot and will post some thoughts on that later. Have a great evening all!

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  1. I am very glad to hear that all is well with the pregnancy. You are at 24 weeks now, which is when I went into labour with Caelan and Ashlyn and had to be hospitalized. I still get nervous for people around this time. Now you can probably realize how unprepared we were for their birth!

    It is great to see pictures of all the Nerds too! Everyone looks great!