Friday, September 19, 2008

Pearl On The Rock

(A picture before we left....Kai did not come with us! We are going to get nice family photos at some point...that's the problem with always being the ones behind the camera! Pam V, if you are reading this, I'm wearing your shirt!)

On Wednesday night, Gary and I went out for dinner. This fancy dinner was a gift from my sister Jackie and brother-in-law Tyler as appreciation for doing their wedding pictures and whatever else we did to help out with the wedding. We were treated to the tasting menu. It was some amazing food and excellent service. They have actually won or achieved the 4 diamond status which only 13 restaurants in BC have. We had two appetizers and 4 courses and then 2 desserts. It was amazing. Each time a course was done, they cleared out our cultery and brought new cutlery depending on what the new course was. They cleared the crumbs off our table with a little scoopula (no idea what its called but it looked like a scoopula that we use in chemistry). When we had a napkin on the table, they refolded it. My favourite food was def. the halibut and short ribs. I have never had such moist and tender meat....YUMMY! I also liked the proscuitto dust on one of the dishes as I've never had that before:) Gary enjoyed the scallop on the Quinoa salad and will probably be making his own rendition soon. The whole dinner took about 2 hours (when is the last time we sat and ate for two hours by ourselves???) and Jackie and Tyler babysat for us. We never would've treated ourselves to such a meal so we are very thankful.
It has been a busy week as I have gone out 4 out of the 5 nights. Wow. Tired. Today Kai and I brought a pair of pants the the tailor (awesome at home business in our neighbourhood) and went to Extra Foods. The bike trailer/stroller is way easier to push with him and all the groceries so I think I'll be using that for the next 3 months.
This is Kai's idea of hiding. If you ask `Where's Kai?', he says...
`I found me!'.
This is Kai and his beaver, Bubba. Kai finds it very interesting that beavers will slap their tails on the water if they are scared and likes to talk about it several times a day. Bubba has been his fav. stuffed animal for the last 3 weeks. We are starting to talk to him about strangers and how he should only talk to strangers if mommy or daddy are with him. I think this is def. a stage where he will start to understand. I have been asking him everyday if he's ready to use the toilet and this morning he woke up and said `Mommy, Kai use the toilet today!'. Unfortunately, he meant well but has not made any use of it yet. I don't think stickers or m+m's are going to do it for him. I think we are going to have to have a really exciting, big gift that he will be able to have if he tries for a week or something. I know there is no rush but my back does not enjoy changing his dirty diapers.
I have had some crazy dreams lately, here is a quick summary of 3:
1. I rode a riding vacuum cleaner to a concert (yes, vacuum cleaner). I found a parking spot in an abandoned elevator. When I came back to retrieve it, I had recieved a $300 parking ticket. My name was on the ticket because I had labelled my vacuum cleaner.
2. I had a bunch of mackeral (fish) placed in my abdomen for storage. They moved around so much and painfully that I reopened my stitches and the fish poured out (I also tore outside of my stitches). I remember thinking that pain wasn't that great and maybe I could have a natural delivery.
3. A HUGE black horse was terrorizing a town and trampling people. It could climb ladders etc. I was able to calm the horse by singing the `Dora the Explorer' song over and over again.
Well, Kai put himself to bed (woohoo, could be a nap day!) so I better get a ton of school work done!


  1. What an amazing dinner out!

    You look so great... relaxed and glowy!

    I really like the closeup of Kai... very nice work.

  2. Dude..are you ok? It's been like, 4 days since a post!!! what is up!??