Thursday, September 11, 2008

Easy Morning

This morning Kai and I went to hang out with Maria (my sis), Ani, and B-belle. What an easy way to make time fly. Ani and Kai play together so well and really don't even need to be watched. It was so relaxing for me to just sit back and enjoy a cup of tea. We also went for a walk although I `let' Maria push the double stroller and take Bailey (the dog) while I just push B-belle:)
Here Kai is helping daddy pump up his bike tire which always seems to have a hole. Kai loves helping daddy with anything. Gary asks him if he wants to help him in the garage and Kai says, `See you later mommy! I'm going to help daddy. ' Gary biked to work today so I got the car!!! Woohoo!! We are looking to buy a minivan by December and we may even keep our car so that when Gary is busy with basketball, he can take the car instead of the van (cheaper gas) AND then I can get out of the house with the 2 kids! We never wanted to have two vehicles because we really don't need it but we will see how it goes with two cars and then re-evaluate after basketball season is done.
(Bailey..Ani's dog and someone Kai loves)
I'm currently doing laundry and blogging but I should really be marking as I do not like having work to do on the weekend. We have a busy weekend, well really, our entire September is busy. October looks okay right now, but I'm sure it won't be long before the calendar fills up. Okay, I really should do some work. Kai is actually napping, I am so excited!!!! Who knew he would go from a solid 3 hour nap to just napping once every 3 days. I have a feeling that this year will be quite interesting with him because a tired Kai is def. not as enjoyable as a well rested Kai.
Ani and Kai play so well together because they actually speak in sentences to one another. Ani is 2.5 now and totally potty trained. Kai doesn't seem too impressed but I'm trying to be patient with him and I guess we will work on it over the Christmas holidays before the baby comes? I don't know.
I got a bunch of newborn sleepers from Maria today. Not sure why, but I'm totally getting stuff ready already. I just want to see if there is anything that I need to get before the baby comes. I think just some BPA free bottles and that's about it. I plan on breastfeeding again but def. want to pump and have bottles so I can get out of the house without the children. I used a manual pump last time, does anyone know about renting an electric one? From where and how much? I'm thinking it will be a lot more efficient:) We did this with Kai when he was 5 weeks old and I started playing football again. This time, I will have a good 12 weeks before football starts so hopefully I can get my body back into shape by that time! I am so thankful that Gary is so good with kids and that he supports and encourages me to do my own thing too. I guess it makes for a happier Louise which makes for a happier Gary:)
Finally, Gary and I are evaluating taking pictures (GC photography, not our own personal ones) and we have somewhat decided to take a break from December to June. It is something we love to do together and is just too difficult with childcare involved. Sessions at our house our pretty easy because now Kai can just watch Diego or nap during that time but with another little one? Not so sure how that would work! We will see how it goes but for now, once December hits, I would like our calendar to be as empty as possible:) Okay, now I'm really going to work. Nothing like marking 60 labs in a row!


  1. most drug stores rent electric pumps. you can borrow mine for free--you'll have 2 buy your own pump parts (avail @ toys r us), you are welcome to use it until july when i return to work! medela is the best electric pump.

  2. Children!! crazy to see that in a sentence! :) we were passing this cool speedy biker guy on the drive home today, and I said "Don't hit Gary!" & as we passed sure enough it was him! :)

  3. double electric is good - very efficient...when the public health nurse comes to do a home visit she should have a list of them in the area...(by then you'll hafta request a visit though...). Anyway. Cool. :)I'm excited for another little one!!!!! :)