Saturday, September 06, 2008

22 Weeks

Today I watched my old football team play...boy, I cannot wait to play again!! I got to throw the ball in after a kick off and it felt GREAT! Went to a few garage sales again this morning, I love it! Now I'm off to a friends place for a bbq sans Kai and Gary. Above is my 22 week picture. Talking about pictures, we packed up of photo studio stuff (it is VERY portable) from the basement and changed that space to a play room. If we do some photos, we can easily change it back. We will be taking some pics in a month or so and somehow try to get photos with the three of us. The timer is not effective because with Kai we need someone behind the camera making him smile and look...may have to ask a sister to help us out. Have a good weekend in the sunshine!

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