Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The past few days...

Friday night I had dinner with my sisters and dad. My dad gave us all the book `The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands' which I read on Saturday and Sunday. She had some good tidbits in there and it is def my goal to be a better wife so if you have any other books to recommend please do so. The two things I really got from that book are not new but always a good reminder:
1. Your husband is not your best girlfriend. Sounds obvious but his responses and feelings will not match what you'd expect your best girlfriend to say or feel:) Gary does not vent. Ever. I try to make him and he comes up with nothing. Sometimes (often) he is thinking about nothing.
2. I need to cut down on `stuff' so that I have more energy. Energy=patience=calmer/nicer mommy. I feel too busy right now. Gary gets my leftovers which is basically nothing. Saturday was the best day in months. We relaxed and read around the house and I needed that more than anything. So ya, my family is my priority. Gary is my priority. When the kids are all grown up and moved out, it will just be me and him so it better be good!
Saturday/Sunday/Monday we visited friends, went to church, had a photo shoot, had care group and worked.
This morning we met Jen and Andrey (friends from the Philippines) at Campbell Valley Park for a little walk (Kai called it a hike). It was chilly but refreshing. Kai was hoping to see giraffes and elephants but had to settle for squirrels and birds.
Kai was quite taken with Andrey and had him read a bunch of his favourite books. He loves having friends over and always wants to know what Andrey and Jen are doing.
Gary, Jen and I made some ravioli with our pasta rolling machine...we had smoked salmon ones and butternut squash. Gary made a creamy cheese sauce and a tomato basil one. Andrey contributed by taking pictures:) Yummy stuff. Kay, time to relax!

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  1. The meal looks and sounds divine!

    You cut your hair Louise! It looks cute!