Tuesday, September 09, 2008


For the past 3 weeks, Kai has been refusing to sleep for several of his naps each week. This is driving me NUTS. He does stay in his bed but he talks and yells for me and bangs his feet against the wall. The part that frustrates me the most, is that for the rest of the day he becomes this crazy whiney (no idea how to spell that word) boy. He fake cries and says he's a baby, he really cries over the most ridiculous things, and the word `no' comes out a lot more easily. He didn't nap at daycare yesterday but fortunately, he's generally better at other people's houses because there's other kids there and its a bit more fun with all the different toys etc. I did discover a bottom 2 year molar coming in yesterday so perhaps this is why he is acting a bit differently. He hasn't complained of any pain so who knows. He does suck his thumb to fall asleep so perhaps it is painful to do so. Talking about daycare, he is going to two different ones each week (due to availability etc) and its working really well. He hadn't been at that one he went to yesterday since last Christmas so I was curious as to how it would go but it went perfectly. He didn't want to come home, always a good sign!

The other day, I was teaching him the names of the characters on the DVD Shrek case (he's never seen it before). After I went over it with him, he said, `Mommy, who taught you that?'. So funny. On our first day of school, when we talked to Kai about his day he said, `I missed mommy and daddy'. Aw. He has started saying a lot more things like `I love cookies!'. `Oh ya!' `That's amazing!' `Oh my!' etc. He also loves letters. There's a couple shows on tv that talk about letters (Super Readers and something else I forget) and he loves it! He now recognizes A, O, E, M, D,and K. This means he recognizes the words; Kai, Dad and Mom (his favourite letter is still D). Today we played with playdough for the first time and he really enjoyed it. I may have given him a few too many rules for playing with playdough but the last thing I want is more cleaning to do at the end of the day!
Yesterday, school went really well but once I got home and continued to stay on my feet making a meal that took way too long, I had to sit with my feet up for a few hours to recover! Any recommendations for some EXTREMELY comfortable shoes that feel like a runner but look dressy? I'm willing to pay some serious cash because I need something to take me to Christmas. I guess I forgot that at work, I'm standing 90% of the time! I can't imagine what I would do as a career if I didn't teach, I just don't think I would like anything else more. Well, better go let Kai come out of his room WITHOUT a nap. Grrrrrrr...at least the sun is out now so he can play outside. I still want some time to read my book:)
Oh ya, one more thing, Kai has been loving looking through the scrapbooks that I have made. He particularly loves the one I made of his first year of life. He seems to understand that the baby in the ultrasound piture is him, the baby being weighed at birth is him etc. I think this is a good way for him to understand what the baby will be like and how it will grow just like baby Kaisie did.


  1. The transition from napping to not-napping is a rough one! I had the exact same experience with Eva and it was so frustrating!! I must say that it helped me to hear another mother say that her children cut back their naps to every second or third day. In my mind it was kind of all-or-nothing, and it helped to realize it didn't have to be.

    But even so, there seems to be an inescapable period of time when they're not napping but they are acting like they need to nap. It's hard!! I feel for you.

  2. Anonymous6:11 PM

    In terms of your shoe/foot problem...Dr.Schoels (sp?) gel inserts would fairly well if you're needing an alternative to new shoes or cannot find a comfy pair of dressy shoes. There are ones specifically made for women, for stiletto-type shoes and for runners and such. They take a bit to get used to, but they defintily make your feet hurt less at the end of the day.

  3. shoes = Ronsons! LOVE them!

  4. Shaylah doesn't nap anymore either and she is only a couple of months older than Kai. I hated getting rid of them though!

  5. Hmmm... that is a difficult one but I'll do my best.

    to whine (infinitive tense)
    he whines (simple present)
    he is whining (present progressive)
    he does whine (present emphatic)
    he whined (simple past)
    he was whining (past progressive)
    he did whine (past emphatic)
    he has whined (present perfect)
    he will whine (future tense)
    he will have whined(future perfect)
    whining is hard (gerund verb)
    whine/whiner (common nouns)

    whiningly (adverb of manner)

    whining (adjectival particle)
    whinier (comparative adjective)
    whiniest (superlative adjective)
    whiny (descriptive adjective)

    perhaps you could also use 'whiney' as a deviant spelling of 'whiny'.

    Anyway, as 'whiny' as he might be, we (Jackie and I) do enjoy visiting with him.