Wednesday, September 03, 2008

25 months old

Kai is in bed napping..well, playing. Phew. I'm tired. He hasn't napped for 2 days in a row so let's hope he sleeps today! I'm trying to figure out the best way to have enough energy for the next 4 months. Today I did all the cleaning while he was playing and eating so that when he is napping, I can rest too. I think school will be a lot more exhausting this year being that I'm 5 months pregnant already. We had school yesterday but my first official classes will be tomorrow, I hope they go well. I don't think I will have a lot of patience for kids that talk too much! I hope I can make it til Christmas holidays. Last time, Kai was born on August 3rd so I had about 5 weeks off before he was born. It will be interesting just having 2 weeks off. I am so thankful that I will be huge when it is cool out.
Last night I made a yummy dinner. It was a beef stew inside a giant Yorkshire pudding...this picture was taken before all the gravy was added, but it was good! I think next time I will def. add a lot more veggies. Gary and I made a huge lasagna together on the weekend, after Kai had gone to bed. We made it to freeze in case we needed a quick meal. It totally brought us back to the good ole days when we would cook together. We did that all the time when dating and first married and it was so fun! Now, one of us cooks and the other takes care of Kai. I think we will try to make a meal together, after Kai goes to bed, more often. That way we spend quality time together AND we have meals in the freezer!
Kai is now 25 months old. There are a few changes I noticed this month. He will now say things like `The park is so fun!' or, when we left the beach the other day he said, `That was nice!'. Basically he is sharing his feelings about places without me having so ask him any questions. Another thing is his use of pronouns and tenses. Last month, he would've said `Kai throw it' but now it is, `I threw it'. I was trying to teach him that `2 mans' is supposed to be `2 men', so then he said `2 mens'. This english language isn't easy!
I can't believe how much Kai loves all of his cousins. He gets so excited seeing them. Yesterday he played with Ani and Maria was remarking about how much he was screeching/screaming all day with excitement. I'm so thankful for so much family nearby, at the same time, I recognize that it can be very tiring at times with some sort of get together every week. I guess that's what happens when ALL of our family lives within an hour and we have large families!
(Doesn't he look old in this picture?!)
Today, Kai and i went to Extra Foods. I'm pretty sure I will only be doing that walk once a week with him now. It's just too tiring to get back up that little hill pushing him and the groceries. I'm such a wimp. We also went to the park and Kai got to ride his bike there (aka, I pushed his bike). He is nowhere near pedaling yet. He also wanted to practice baseball today. He hit that tee-ball all the way across our yard...he's def. improving. It's pretty funny that I was teaching him how to hold the bat etc. as it is not my forte, let's hope I didn't mess him up!
I'm very curious to find out how he will behave once the baby comes. He is quite well behaved right now so I hope that continues! Sometimes, he gets a little ridiculous and pretend cries and says `Kai's crying. Kai's a baby' when he doesn't want to come in the house or something but a good talking to usually straightens him out. I really realize how vulnerable and innocent kids are. I can't imagine hitting or constantly swearing at my child and it makes me so sad to think that kids grow up in abusive homes. Parents are who they trust most in the world, and when I hear Kai using my lines on me, it really makes me see that they are the hugest sponges ever. I hope and pray that Gary and I continue to be patient and loving parents. I will be praying for this big time when I'm sleep deprived in January. I feel so ready to have our baby even though it is so far away. I know I should appreciate this time, where I have time, and where I can sleep 8 hours a night! Okay, time to relax!

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  1. Your pictures are so great. It helps that Kai is such a cutie and seems to photograph well but I know there is a lot of skill involved in what you guys do. Looking forward to seeing you in person! ;-)