Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One more week!

(I bought Kai new runners and he thinks he needs to run when wearing them because that's what daddy does:)

So, in less than a week and we will be back to work. Wow. Gary and I are trying to do minimal stuff today and tomorrow because once Thursday hits, its go, go, go (my other sis is getting married and then back to work!). Today we went to Tynehead Park and we also picked blackberries. Picking blackberries brings me back to my childhood as my mom loved to make blackberry jam and pies. I made some blackberry muffins and have to say, they were pretty tasty! I think we'll pick more and freeze them so i can continue to make yummy muffins!
(eating blackberries)

Physically I am feeling good. I have more energy and my breathing doesn't get as heavy when walking. However, my poor pelvis. I'm sure it doesn't help that I went biking yesterday but still, wow. It feels like it is breaking apart and I guess in a way, it is. It is so tender and feels so bruised. I don't remember this feeling starting so early last time. I feel it when I walk and when I sit. Lying on my side is good. I'm excited to talk to our doctor on Thursday about the ultrasound results.

I am still trying to figure out what to do birth wise. I am really leaning towards a planned C-section as last time I ended up with an emergency one. This is a very difficult decision, and really, it all comes down to what I think. My doctor will let me try a natural birth, although he really feels that it would end the same way. There are tons of pros and cons for each and I just feel that if I did try, and ended up with a C-section again, it would be a really rough, exhausting start to having a newborn (AGAIN). A C-section is not the easy way out. The recovery is not fun, mostly because your abdominal muscles are useless for about 6 weeks. I do recognize that some natural births end up in a much longer recovery as well. In no way do I want to try a natural birth again just to have the experience of pushing a baby out (frankly, it freaks me out), it would be more to decrease my recovery time. Last time, I got to experience a lot of what is involved in a natural birth (contractions, water breaking, being 10cm dilated FOREVER, pushing...and I really felt it all without an epidural!) except for the delivery which I recognize is a huge part of it. The reason I ended up with a C-section with Kai is because it was determined that Kai's head could not fit through my pelvis. This was decided when the doctor stuck her whole hand into my uterus and rotated Kai. Ya. In the end, it is all about bringing a healthy baby home, however, I'd like to be in the best possible condition to do so! I wish they could xray my pelvis and ultrasound the babies head and measure if it could work pre-labour:) In the end, I am just very thankful for our hospitals and all the care and options that we can recieve there.
And now for exciting stuff! I'm only posting this last because I wrote the first part of this post this morning:) This afternoon we got to visit the Voses and their newest addition! I was so excited to meet Riley. He was born on my birthday at a whopping 10lbs 2oz. His mom, Melissa, was able to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) and I'm so proud of her for pushing for 3.5 hours! I was hoping Kai would be very interested in the baby but after holding the baby's hand and wondering if the baby wanted a car to play with, he said he was ready to go:) Riley is doing really well and allowing his parents a pretty good nights sleep so that is awesome! He is so cute and cuddly and I got to hold him for a bit to refresh myself on how to hold a newborn. I'm really hoping that baby Chapman will be a more content baby:)
Tonight we talked details on photos with Jackie and Tyler. I'm very excited for them as their wedding is in 5 days! The weather looks a little sketchy but if anyone can be fine with a little rain on their wedding day, it's these guys. Well, better head off to bed. Bon nuit!

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