Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Kai!

Today is Kai's 2nd birthday. Wow. I love this age. So far. I find him so funny and intelligent. Don't get me wrong, if I have play `Mommy, where's Kai?' (where he hides under his blanket and i have to make silly guesses about where he is), I might go crazy! Yesterday, we were driving and Kai said, `Daddy, go faster! Make car pop a wheelie!' (which Gary does when Kai's in the stroller). Silly kid.

His stats are:

Height= 34 3/4 inches

When I was his age (I just found my stats while my dad was cleaning out his house)...

Height=34 inches

I have no idea what Gary was, but, I'm assuming a lot bigger.

For his birthday, we took him to gramma's house in Aldergrove yesterday. He loves going to visit `Mama' and `Papa'. We also picked up a coupon from them to go to the zoo (saved $18..woohoo!). We walked around for 2 hours seeing all the animals and Kai LOVED it. I had some mixed feelings about seeing these animals in captivity. I know some animals are really only left in zoos and there are no more in the wild, but others, I just think might have wanted a bit more freedom. I've never seen a jaguar or a cheetah before so that was cool. Kai seemed to love the zebras, male lion, and the ducks the best. He also enjoyed watching the man shovel giraffe poop into a giant bucket:) It was cool to see chinchilla's and marmoset's as Kai has learned about these guys from Diego. He was pretty pumped about that and wanted to go home and watch it as soon as we left.
Today we gave him his gift from us and gramma and grandpa; a wagon. He loved it. He spent an hour putting stuff in it, doing the buckles up and pulling it around the house. We went outside for a walk and he refused to get in it, he wanted to pull it! That was frustrating for me because my hope is that I can pull it to Extra Foods and the park. I think I will just say after his nap that we are walking to Extra Foods and he has to sit in the wagon to help me hold the groceries. Hopefully that works! Here he got tired of pulling it and wanted to hold his newest sports interest; badminton rackets.

I was going to make a 3-D basketball cake but the pans were all sold out at Michael's so I just made a plain basketball and softball. Kai loved it and couldn't wait to eat it so that's good. We plan on celebrating with my family on Thursday and then with Gary's family later on when we can combine all the August/Sept. Chapman bdays, there are just too many of us:)

I'll try to think of Kai's highlights of the year:

1. Going to subway and getting to order his own sandwich. We have always just given him some of our food when we go out (and we really never go out) so he was seriously pumped to have his own.
2. Going to Disneyland with the cousins (and family) AND getting his buzz light year gun there
3. Going to Mexico
4. Picking peas (and eating them) from the garden
5. Watering anything
6. Watching Diego
7. Watching diggers
8. Petting dogs
9. Playing with Ani (especially in their backyard)
10. Moving into his toddler bed (car bed)
11. Going up and down stairs by himself
12. Eating any and every type of berry
13. Playing with guns (dart guns/nerf guns etc) and gramma's house
14. Wrestling with daddy, playing `super mommy' with mommy (running around with capes)
This afternoon, 3 of my sisters (and 2 bro in laws) showed up here so we did an impromptu `Happy Birthday' with candles. He just stared at everyone as they were singing. Stunned. I believe he had a similar response last year. He did request that we all sing again. So we did. Three times. He tried blowing out the candles but his technique needs a little touching up. He requested the softball cake so it looks like the basketball cake is for daddy's birthday tomorrow:)

He is currently watching Diego, the Chinchilla episode of course! Kaisie, mommy and daddy love you so much. We love seeing you discover this amazing world and we are so thankful for you. You are so special to us and you make us smile each and every day. Our prayer for you is that you will continue to discover this world with curiosity and that you will continue to giggle, laugh, love, and remain healthy. We pray that you will enjoy your new role as a big brother as we know you are a very good helper. We love you bubba!


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Congratulations on your son`s birthday! My baby has her birthday today too! Kathleen turned 19! I`m glad to see that you notice and enjoy every detail about Kai`s growing up. I have to confirm that the old saying, "they grow up so fast" is really so true! I think that being a parent is one of the best gifts we can have, and I am also enjoying having 3 young adults as my kids. Have a great long w/e!
    Joyce K

  2. Kai is so smart! You guys are so luck to have such an awesome little guy!

  3. Nice pics. I thought the turtle was real for a minute. Glad he enjoyed his big day :O)