Sunday, August 10, 2008

You Look Nice

Yesterday I went with my dad and sister Jackie to the island for my cousin's wedding. It was a long day but boy oh boy, traveling without a child is wonderful!!! I could be so selfish. I could eat and drink when I wanted. Sit when I wanted. Talk when I wanted. Wow. Gary and I have never gone anywhere (besides a wedding or something) without Kai. I think we may have to travel without him one day.

I have been feeling quite uncomfortable when going from a sitting to standing position. I get tons of cramps for about 30 seconds. I'm not sure if its just that my uterus or ligaments are stretching or the baby moves when I stand but I def. did not have this with Kai. It's just been happening the past 3 days so we'll see if it gets better. Baby is def. moving a lot more now and I notice it at night when my belly is full and I'm lying down:) I'm still so excited for my ultrasound...just 5 days away!

My cousin that got married is on my mom's side so we spent the whole day with my mom's family. It was nice to catch up and always good to see my oma and uncle Al who has been sick recently. My oma made a simple comment that almost brought me to tears. She said `Louise, you look very nice'. She doesn't make comments like this so it was nice, but also, that's what my mom would always say. My parents didn't compliment our physical beauty very often, it was more `I'm proud of you for...' etc. However, maybe once every few weeks my mom would look at me and say that I looked nice. I know she really felt that I was beautiful. There is something about a mom that no one else can provide. The way that she listened, loved, and thought I was wonderful is different than what anyone else can provide. I know Gary loves me and thinks I'm beautiful but its different than my mom's awe, appreciation and dedication for us kids. I have it in my memories but I sometimes wish I had it now.

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  1. your fourth last word should be 'wish' not with?
    nice weezer. oh- you didn't comment about me looking nice! :)