Monday, August 04, 2008

17 weeks

I don't feel that I've grown in the past few weeks but I def. gained back those 4lbs I lost:) I did feel some movement a couple days ago and am anticipating the huge, belly rattling kicks in a few months from now. Kai's femurs were over the 100th percentile so I think he was kicking pretty hard to make some room:) I'm already getting up twice a night to go to the least I can still get back to sleep right away and don't have a crying newborn to take care of!!! I've noticed another difference in this pregnancy, my skin. No pregnancy glow here folks, just some big zits that won't go away. Yup, two big ones that have been around for a week or two and aren't going anywhere. I feel like I'm back in grade 10:) I know its not a big deal but when I already look like I'm exhuasted, I feel like my skin isn't helping me out. Oh well.

Today is Gary's 33rd birthday. We had a blueberry cake at my dad's where Kai was excited to participate in blowing out the candles again. We also may have indulged in our basketball cake:) Kai and I made Gary a card and this may sound lame but our present to eachother for our birthdays is our fancy dinner out in a couple of weeks. I asked Gary if he wanted to do anything special for his birthday like a day hike, but he was very content staying home and relaxing. He is currently playing his football game in the basement, you know, Madden football or whatever it is called. He plays every summer:)

Kai is currently sleeping in his big boy room for the first time. We took a long time transitioning him from crib-->toddler bed-->big boy room (in the toddler bed). We had the toddler bed next to his crib for about a month before he requested sleeping in it. He has been sleeping in his car bed (which he LOVES) for the past 3 months or so. Today, we moved that car bed into the `big boy room'. I guess the problem with having a very structured and routine life is that transitioning may take a bit longer:) Kai learned today that you cannot throw your buzz light year gun in the pool. Gary got it kind of working again. Kai said `Way to go, daddy!'.


  1. Happy Birthday Chaps. I'll try and call you tonight.


  2. Louise.... I had the worst zits with Grace and a beautiful preganancy glow with Jack. Does this mean it's a girl????


  3. yo's been two days - time for a new post! :)