Friday, August 15, 2008


**Warning: long post!!!!**
Wow, what a busy weekend. I'm going to blog now so that I don't' have 10 billion things to blog later. This weekend has; birthday celebrations (me), ultrasound (me), bridal shower (sister), wedding (rob and mina), engagement party (maria and mark). So, I'll just write now about what happened yesterday and today:)

Yesterday I came downstairs and Gary had 2 dozen roses and a jewelry box on the table for me. He had paid for these things with cash because I check our online banking daily so I would've noticed:) I do not like spending a lot of money (or any) on our birthdays because I don't like to buy things just because you are supposed to. I'd rather do it when there is a sincere need or want. Anyway, this may sound cheap (but I love it!), Gary got the jewelry box in the `As Is' section because it was broken and marked way down. He fixed it up, good as new, and left the price on just so I knew what a deal it was:) We went for a family walk before it got too hot and then we went to Red Robin's for lunch and Kai was an angel all day. Phew! Gary made my special birthday dinner which my mom made every year for my birthday growing up. They are called chicken rolls and its just a baked pastry with chicken, veggies, and curry in it and then you smother it with cheese sauce. I didn't have it the last couple of years because emotionally I didn't want too...I know its just a meal but it was all the memories of my mom making it especially for me. The picture does not do it justice!

In the evening, people started showing up. I had a feeling that Gary had invited family over for my birthday (because he was busy making cakes and tarts the whole night before) but I didn't realize he had planned it 2 weeks in advance AND invited friends as well.
People showed up bearing some strange and yummy gifts but i soon realized it was all of my favourite things (a lot due to pregnancy cravings), so I got things like; a can of coke, Kraft Dinner, choc. covered almonds, Purdy's etc. Gary had giving a list of stuff that was hopefully not pricey (and stuff I love!) because I do not like receiving expensive gifts from people. Gary had told people to leave by 8pm because its a busy weekend and I'm pregnant and not as young as a I used to be so it ended around 9pm which was great. I was most thankful to Gary for organizing something ahead of time and with thoughtfulness. I have no pictures but hopefully my sister will email me a few! I am very thankful to have such supportive and involved family, friends and in laws. I am quite an introvert and i like to have meaningful conversations one on one so its a bit busy/stressful in groups, especially when `hosting' but it was really great to see everyone in our sweaty little house!

This next portion is about Kai. He's funny. The other day we were walking and he had stopped. Gary said, `Hey Kai, let's roll'. So, Kai laid on the ground ready to literally roll:) He loves pointing out letters that he knows EVERYWHERE. His favourite letters are D (for daddy), M (for mommy) and K for Kai. He sees it on anything (ingredient labels, street signs etc) and points it out excitedly. I have to admit that Gary and I failed. We tried potting training on Wednesday. We gave up on Thursday. Kai peed in the house 3 times which is totally fine with me (I won't tell you where in case you visit) and told us he had to poop about 12 times. Every time we put him on the toilet, he just couldn't do it. He told us all day he wanted to poop in his diaper. Finally, at bed time, we put his diaper on and 5 minutes later, he did it. I just don't think any of us are ready. I don't give up on stuff usually but I'm not convinced now is the time. Kai is very interested in the anatomical differences between males and females. He knows the proper words for everything and loves to announce to daddy how mommy is different. I'm nervous he's going to say something very embarrassing in public sometime soon! I have to say that as of yesterday, I was ready to go back to work. I need a day where I'm not mommy. Where I can just be teacher Louise.
Okay, so today! We had our ultrasound this afternoon and it went well. Well, I saw the arms, legs, head and beating heart so that's always good! We will get results (percentiles, gender) next week Thursday. Oh ya, it's just one! I asked the man twice, just to be sure:) Gary and my dad think its another boy and I think it's a girl. Regardless, so happy to see a baby in there! For one second, I was like `Aw, it looks just like Kai!'. As if, it looked nothing like Kai. We framed a picture of the ultrasound so Kai can have it in his bedroom to get to know his brother or sister a little better. He's pretty proud of the picture, showing people `mommy's baby' and pointing out the head and nose! Tonight he rubbed my belly and sang (a made up song) `Go to sleep, little baby' over and over, it was precious. I will post a pic of the ultrasound later, it has to be scanned etc. Oh ya, this morning, he said to me `I wuv you mommy!' without me saying anything first. And, when Gary went on his jog, Gary said `I miss you daddy!'. So cute!
This evening we had a wedding shower for my sister at our house. She got a lot of useful (and some fun) stuff and they are currently out with her all dressed up but I am at home, exhausted. Tomorrow morning we are off to a wedding in Vancouver so I hope I get a good nights sleep! I bought an air conditioner today. It is not a very efficient one but its the only one I could find that fit in our window. It was on sale and then i got $20 off for getting a Home Depot credit card so it only cost $56 with tax!!! Tried it out tonight and it worked decently. I've noticed that discomfort and heat=grumpy, grumpy Louise. Poor Gary. I also went to Walmart and bought a dress that I will wear all the time at home. It's that jersey material and is not attractive but I find anything with a waist extremely painful. Especially when sitting. So, please let me know before you stop by or you may get a glimpse of the clearance Walmart dress! I should post a picture just for memory sake:) Okay, I should prob. apologize to Gary for being grumpy and then head to bed. Bon nuit!!!!


  1. Reading about Gary's thoughtful planning for your birthday celebration almost made me tear up... awesome!!

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Hey Lousie,
    You are truly special. Sitting at Grn Lk, reading your blog to your Dad. His head is shaking and we are having good chuckles. I identify with your "deep dutch discounts" I love them too.
    Looking forward to seeing the "wallmart special" sounds like stuff we used to wear, big baggy and comfortable.


  3. Wow. What a busy weekend! It's a good thing you guys aren't working during the summer. I'm impressed with Gary's thoughtful b-day gifts and gathering. Way to go. Glad you had a good bday.

  4. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Thanks for making me look bad Chaps....good for Louise bad for Andrew. Now I gotta think of something for Jan 23 when it's Dana's bday.