Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tony! Tony!

Last night while watching the news, Kai said `Tony! Tony! Gook at Kai's golf cubs'. At least now he knows Tony Parsons is not Opi:) Kai has successfully slept in his big boy room for two nights, although, he has prob. slept about 1/2 hour shorter than normal. This heat is a little crazy (I feel for you Melissa!). Last night I went for a walk with Maria around 8:30pm and it felt so good to walk while it was cool out!
Gary, Kai and I went to Campbell Valley Park to check out a possible new wedding photo location yesterday. Kai loved it there. There were a ton of frogs in that pond, and lots of fish too.
He's very good at smelling the flowers instead of destroying them. If you ask them what they smell like, he will say `mommy'. Daddy taught him that.
Kai loves his rocks and leaves. Especially his rocks. We are in the process of learning where you can and cannot throw them.
I had my first baby dream two night ago. Our baby was born 13lbs 7oz (What? is that big or something?). It was a boy in my dream but in real life, I'm positive it's a girl. Anyway, I remember thinking that it was the easiest birth ever (must have been a miraculous one because I had no pain anywhere) and I wanted to go for a run! I was following the nurse around because she was trying to find the perfect place to feed him a bottle. I told her I wanted to breastfeed and she still proceeded to take me all over the hotel/hospital to find the right place. Our baby was born with all his teeth. At one point, I was holding Kai and the new baby and someone asked how old they were and I couldn't tell them apart because they were the exact same size.
Yesteday, Kai got to go out for coffee with Opi (kai got orange juice). Opi bought him a cookie and Kai asked for another. Opi brought him to the counter so he could pick one and all he said was `The big one!' which was the one right in front. What a piggie. Opi has a hard time saying no to Kai for anything. At one point, Kai (Opi) called me on the phone. It was really cute to talk to him on the phone. He sounded so grown up.
Well, Kai found a thing of bubbles so we better go out and play with them.


  1. Your dream made me HOWL! As did Opi and the cookie monster! Dude, until The Dream topic came up online, I thought I was the only one who had these freaky pregnancy dreams. Aren't they nuts? Last time I kept having dreams that the baby would eat me. Like a cannibal. This time, it's mostly the breastfeeding dream (similar to yours; for some reason something's stopping me from breastfeeding, or I realize I've forgotten), or the big baby dream (I've had ones where it has all its teeth, too! So weird), and funny enough, even though we know it's a boy, I almost always dream that he's a girl.
    Maybe he'll surprise us with a vagina when he comes out.
    Ha ha!
    Thanks for thinking of me in the heat. I want to crawl in our deep freezer!
    I thought your prego pix from a few days ago were the same size as your FIRST prego pix--I did the same this time and popped and then stayed there for awhile.
    Remember when I told you I only popped one new stretch mark? I have to take that back. There's a rash of them now around my belly button. WTF?
    I'm positive you're having a girl, too.
    Dunno why!
    I'm no 'magical predictor' or anything!!

  2. he talks to Tony Parsons? That is way too cute!

  3. Those pregnancy are supposed to go by the first dream you have in regards to maybe a boy? I thought isabelle was a boy until a few seconds after I had her. Those dreams are weird, and hard to get back to sleep after having them.