Sunday, August 17, 2008

My sweetheart

Kai (knocking on my bedroom door as I'm trying to have some peace and quiet while getting dressed): Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Me: Yes Kai?
Kai: Mommy, open a (the) door!
Me (opening door): What's up?
Kai: I wuv you mommy! I wuv you!

He's soooooo cute!

Earlier today he said `Mommy, (get) off the computer, I miss you!'

We find out on Thursday if he will be having a little sister or little brother, I cannot wait! Gary and I are going to attempt to keep it to ourselves again...I think:)


  1. Really?! That's no fun. You must share! (I still have to go in and pay for and pick up my ultrasound pictures. Oops.)

  2. heya, how do you like sharing your bday with my fat squirt of a baby? sorry we couldn't make it!!!

  3. Oh how I love the onion...

  4. So cute! I'm really excited for that stage of being a mom, if this child ever gets out of me! Do you have a gut feeling of whether #2 is a boy or a girl? Jon won't tell me what his guess is and I'm so curious!