Friday, August 08, 2008

Kai's birthday part deux

Thursday night, my family all came over to celebrate Kai's birthday. It was a very low key event although Ani and Kai were extremely hyper. They just ran around in the upstairs bedrooms making a mess and LOVING it.
Instead of making cake, I just made some cupcakes and a pear and hazelnut dessert.

Kai getting a kiss from the big bear
Reading Kai's new biking book (all about bike safety:))
Auntie Jan and Uncle Doug got Kai a package of 10 different trucks (cement, dump truck etc) which he LOVES.
The little piggies (below) could not be coaxed downstairs for anything, not even cake! After he got a bit upset, we let him know he could run around upstairs after opening presents and eating cake and he was okay with it. I love that we can work through stuff with him.

Kai and Ani playing hide and go seek

This morning, we had a photo shoot at Derby Reach and the weather was great (cloudy)! We dropped Kai off at his daycare for a couple hours and he had a great time. I think it was a great idea because 2 months away from daycare could create quite an adjustment come September. We had to get up at 7am and shower, have breakfast, get kai ready to was just like we were working again. I def. am enjoying my summer and laying in bed til 7:30am and coming downstairs in my p.j's. We are very happy with our summers (remind me of this when I'm sitting at a staff meeting til 10pm on a MOnday!). Anyway, very excited for the pics we took at Derby Reach, they were such a fun family to take pictures of!
Gary is at the BC Lions game tonight. I'm glad he got a chance to go out with the guys. It's weird being home with Kai by myself again! Tomorrow morning I'm off to the island for a wedding and Gary will be with Kai all day...wonder what they'll get up to! Bon nuit.

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