Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last weekend of summer holidays!

This weekend I read the book, `A Long Way Gone', which I really enjoyed (if you can call it that). It is a memoir of a child soldier in Sierra Leone and it was a little more meaningful in the sense that our school has built a school in Sierra Leone and continues a relationship with that school (one of teachers will be teaching there this year too!).
I went to a garage sale this morning and bought Kai an Imaginarium train table, including the track and trains for just $30. He LOVES it.
I'm not sure if we want to start finishing our basement or just make it a functional unfinished basement that kids can play in. All I know is I want a playroom where kids can go play that is not on our main floor!
Here is a picture from today, so, almost 21 weeks. I feel really good. I would say that my pelvis problems have subsided but my back is already feeling like I'm 32 weeks along. I have a gift certificate from Christmas still, for Spa Utopia so i may use it for a fancy pregnancy massage:) I'm really trying to make an effort not to pick Kai up as he's a big boy. Talking about his weight, whenever we pass the digital gas price display on 72nd, he always yells out `31lbs!!!' because it looks like the scale display when he stands on it. Funny guy.
Well, time to head to the beach for the Chapman birthday celebrations...I'll prob. post pics from that later.

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  1. what a great garage sale find!!!
    you are looking great! I have to say I really had back issues this time around and found that going to the chiropractor was really helpful. I have my last chiro appt next week, and it has been SO worth it. I also have a pregnancy massage this week and i know from last time they're WONDERFUL. But the massage is only once, and chiro is usually covered for many more visits under medical.