Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to school!

On Monday, we went back to work. We just have 3 days of meetings/prep so its a good way to ease back into it. The only thing I'm having a hard time with is leaving Kai in a million different places. He was at my sister-in-laws overnight for Jackie and Tyler's wedding, he was at grandma's house from Monday-Tuesday, and tomorrow, he goes to daycare. For him, this is very tiring AND he now has a pretty bad cold and cough.
Because we had Monday night free (Kai at grandma's), Gary and I went to Bellis Fair. We bought him a couple pairs of pants, we ate Chinese food, and we had Edaleen Dairy icecream. We could even hold hands when walking around because we didn't have Kai with us. It was a very relaxing evening!
I am looking forward to work. I feel bad that I will only be there until Christmas holidays but there's nothing I can do about that! I am teaching the same courses as last year (Science 9, Biology 11) and am still part time at 60%.
Last night, I could see the baby kicking after several weeks of just feeling it. It is such an eerie feeling and sight. To be honest, it kind of freaks me out and although I think it is absolutely amazing, it's kind of weird that there is something alive and moving inside of me. I now have no idea if it is a boy or girl and will be shocked and crying when I find out in the next week:)
Kai seems so old to me now. Today Kai said, `Mommy, how you doing?'. I love how he is putting all these thoughts/concerns/questions together. `Mommy, what daddy doing?', `Mommy, where daddy going?'. He seriously makes me smile and laugh each and every day. He has actually gotten a bit more particular about food. He does not like cheese anymore and rarely drinks his milk. It happened when I took him off of homo so maybe we will go back to it. He loves fruits and veggies, especially from the garden. He loves it when I kiss his owies and he thought it was hilarious when he told me that he had an owie on his bum and he wanted me to kiss it.
Gary and I had a good summer and it felt like it was maybe too busy. However, we are very appreciative of the fact that we get so much time off. We were able to take a lot of photos and it has been an interesting process working together on our GC Photography business. Our goal, when we started last year, was to do one photo shoot per month. We have reached this goal and tried not to surpass it. We really want to make sure that we keep it a hobby. We def. have defined our roles in the whole preparation, shooting, editing, and developing process. I would say that the one area we disagree is in the editing of maybe 5% of the photos where Gary tends to go a bit too far/artsy on me. I love that we go through this process together as it would be too stressful for us to enjoy doing it by ourselves. I could never imagine doing photography full time as we love teaching, but it sure is fun as a hobby/side job!

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  1. Bought Gary pants? Oh yeah, dress code!