Monday, June 23, 2008

Unsolicited thanks

Kai: Mommy?
Me: Yes Kai?
Kai: Thank you applesauce. Thank you backpack.

I had bought him his first backpack in the morning and had given him applesauce as a snack about an hour before the conversation. Usually after we give him something, we have to say `What do you say?' but it looks like he's learning:) He is a funny guy. He'll climb into his bed and throw all his teddy bears out saying `Make room for Kai!'. He also took Mr. Potato Head's arms to bed last night. Just the arms. He loves being outside more than anything and often, he'll look at me and say, `Running?' and then he'll just take off as fast as his legs will go. That kid loves to run. Cross country runner? Hmmmmm. He's very good now at counting any object up to 10. He is afraid of flies because he thinks they are bees. He loves bigger kids, he thinks they are so fun to watch. I love that kid.

I just finished reading my 3rd book since last week:) Whenever I get towards the end of a good book, I can't stop reading but I don't want it to ever end. The book I just finished was `The Other Side of The Bridge'. I liked it because it followed several families over half a century and each chapter it would rotate between the 40's and the 60's. I love reading.

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  1. that is really cute the way kai said "thank-you" like that :) love the photo's from your previous posts!