Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last game

Today was our last football game of the season. Gary and Kai came as it was early enough in the day. Kai had some good cheers like `Mommy Quaterback', `Go Mommy Go', `Yay Mommy' (with clapping). He also slapped my butt when I came off the field. We never play on a Sunday normally but they want to finish the season early enough that teams can go to the Duncan tournament.

My number one cheerleader pigging out on the sidelines. There were TONS of doggies there to keep him occupied.

Watching the defense on the field. I love wearing the long socks because it keeps me warm and that's where I keep all of our plays.

I just think my face looks so funny. The rusher was probably the fastest I've experienced yet but I always managed to get the ball off before she pulled my flag.


  1. Just wanted to say HI to you both! And wish you well! Your family looks just so wonderful and Happy!!! I'm sure FVC keeps you guys busy and on your toes! Congrats on your beautiful family! Take Care!!

    Christa Dykstra (now Robinson)
    Class of 2003

  2. love how Kai gets to watch Mommy play some serious sports!